Natural coconut oil for body and hair care.

Oncology Massage

Patients will need a physician’s clearance for massage and would need to wait at least seven day after chemotherapy or radiation, though oncology massage is…
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Woman receiving body massage at spa center

What Are The Benefits Of Massage

Massage Improves Posture Poor posture is often responsible for increasing back and neck tension, whereas correct body alignment actually helps to improve our digestion and…
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Therapist checking knee joint of senior woman

Benefits Of Fascia Stretch Therapy

Fascia is made up two fibers: collagen and elastin.  The big difference between collagen and elastin is stiffness.  Both fibers stretch, but elastin will stretch…
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Pregnant woman enjoying a back massage from her midwife

Benefits Of Prenatal Massage

While therapeutic massage has been used for centuries to improve overall health by easing tension, alleviating anxiety, decreasing stress, improving sleep, reducing pain, and relieving…
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foot massage by a blonde lady in a spa

Best Massages For Your Feet

Improves circulation: if you’re sitting down or standing for a long time, the blood flow to your feet won’t be circulating properly. A foot massage…
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athletes relaxation massage before sport event, marathon muscles massage

Sports Massage And Why You Need It

The massage therapist uses particular techniques that are designed to stimulate blood flow and free fibrous tension. It includes soft tissue release that stretches the…
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