Body In Mind Financial Savings


As a small, private vocational school, we do not participate in the Federal Financial Aid program, which, if approved for a student would in some cases cover approximately $5000 towards tuition, with the remainder being the student’s responsibility. That Federal Financial Aid program requires a large financial up-front investment for a school and a process to become accredited by a special governing body, which could take a significant amount of time. Ultimately, participating schools pass those costs back to their students, resulting in high tuition – in some cases, $12,000 – $14,000. That gap leaves the student with roughly the same financial out of pocket obligation as if they were paying for our superior and highly recognized program — a program that closely monitors what the accrediting body standards are, and a program that has continuously morphed over time to keep ahead of the accreditation commission’s acceptable standards. Our program aspires to keep ahead of entry level standards, which is one of the many reasons our graduates are in such great demand.

We are a forward-thinking, “healing-arts” school, able to incorporate “current best practices” for massage schools, allowing us to remain on the cutting edge, which is not something large, corporate schools, charging much higher tuition costs, can say. Our Graduates have more advanced skills, confidence and professionalism than those of large schools that accept Federal Financial Aid. You are invited to read the testimonials of employers of our graduates to get a sense of just that.

We are being nominated for BEST IN EDUCATION award this year by the largest employer of massage therapists in the country, and have been vetted by the second largest employer of massage therapists in the country to partner with them. Both want our school to produce more amazing massage therapists, whom we call “healing artists.” One of those employers is now offering our students “sponsorships,” which would allow them almost $3400 off their tuition with us under a specific program, the details of which we would be happy to outline, upon request.

We are also looking into Scholarship opportunities and other Sponsorship opportunities, and hope to offer them in the near future.

Our tuition is competitive, in the range of the national average for massage schools. The expanded level of education our students receive puts them in the position to begin earning at about a two-year experienced LMT rate right out of school, ahead of the earnings curve for “entry level” massage therapists. We have alumni earning some of the highest rates in their spas, in under one year. In one case, one alum recently shared her earnings on average are $1000/week working only 20 hours/week. This is quite impressive and not unusual for working graduates of our Program.

The investment in our program has proven to be invaluable to our graduates, and we hope the future brings the opportunity to participate in the Federal Financial Aid program. Until then, we offer a generous no-interest payment plan and now have Sponsorships immediately available.

We believe our massage school is an exceptional choice for training to become a massage therapist in New Jersey.

Please feel free to contact me or stop in to see our beautiful facility any time you like.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Mary H. Adams, LMT, Director, Body in Mind Massage Institute