Common Massage Movements and their Benefits

Different massage techniques are determined by the amount of pressure used and the part of the body used in performing them. Certified and licensed individuals known as therapists perform them. They are mainly performed with the patient half-naked or covered in a white cloth while lying on a table. In most cases, the movements are … Read more

What are the Potential Side Effects of a Massage?

Over the years, massage therapies have been used to treat several health conditions, with many physicians even recommending you for therapy. Some of the benefits of a massage include alleviating chronic back and neck pain, reducing muscle adhesions and spasms, helping you to relax among many others. However, these benefits do not come without some … Read more

The benefits of Himalayan Salt Stone Massage enjoyed by our current Night Class, graduating in June 2020

Representatives from Hand & Stone, including our recent graduate, Adam (Dec 2019), recently came in to demonstrate the benefits of massaging with Himalayan Salt Stone. Himalayan Salt Stone Massage uses warm salt crystal stones to soothe away stress and tension, and promote an increased sense of well-being. Its grounding properties help to improve sleep and … Read more

What Type of Massage is Better for Knots?

Deep Tissue Massage Deep tissue massage involves the use of slow strokes and firm pressure to reach deeper layers of the muscles and fascia.  The amount of pressure applied can help with painful muscle knots and contracted areas including leg muscle tightness and chronic back pains. Deep tissue massage reduces muscle tension and breaks up … Read more

Can Massage Help With Muscle Knots

Muscle knots are tiny and hard areas of a muscle that resemble bumps and are usually overly sensitive and painful especially when touched. Medically, muscle knots are referred to as myofascial trigger points. They are present even when the muscle is at rest and can simultaneously cause pain in other parts of the body when … Read more

Can A Massage Be Bad For You?

Massage has long been used as an alternative and complementary medicine for stress relief, relaxation, muscle recovery, and other health conditions such as arthritis. It is useful for people suffering from fatigue, stress, and painful muscles since the techniques used in massage aim to improve blood circulation, promote healing, and restore proper function. Although a … Read more