What are the Most Common Complaints Against Massage Therapy Schools?

Massage therapy is one of those rare industries that bridges the mainstream medical community and the world of holistic or “alternative” wellness. The medical benefits of professional massage therapy are becoming better documented each year, and this type of treatment is often recommended by doctors in conjunction with physical therapy and other areas of health. … Read more

Is One Massage Therapy School as Good as the Next?

Every year, new information and statistics are revealed about massage therapy. What are we learning about this booming industry? Basically, we’re learning that it’s “booming” for a reason: The health and wellness benefits of professional massage therapy services are well documented, and the body of evidence is growing all the time. The pool of clients … Read more

3 Questions to Ask Before You Enroll in a Massage Therapy School

So you’ve decided to make it happen: You’re going to be a professional massage therapist! It’s something you’ve always wanted to do – and as a career, it offers so many things that interest you. Other people will directly benefit from your services, and being able to offer that kind of help is hugely appealing. … Read more