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Continuing Education Testimonials

Pregnancy is not Pathology
Instructor: Adrienne Asta
Thursday September 13, 2018

“This is my second actually third class at Body In Mind Institute. The instructors have all been very nice, engaging and informative. I appreciate the new education as well as the refreshers! Thank you all!”


Photo From Save Your Hands on 9-16-18

“Great experience. The location of the massage institute is very convenient for me. I am looking forward to more classes.”
“I have enjoyed all of my continuing ed classes at Body In Mind Institute. Looking forward to the next class I take here. I feel more and more comfortable each time I attend. Thank you so much!”


“Very enjoyable and friendly atmosphere. Good content and practice workshop.”


“Always a pleasure to come back as an alumni and be able to take classes. Mary always brings the best instructors. I am immediately able to use the new set of skills that I learned.” –


“Extremely professional environment. Instructor was well versed and passionate about her work. I felt like my time was well spent and look forward to future courses at Body In Mind.”


“The facility & staff were great. It’s a very comfortable environment space. Looking forward to the next CE class.”

Danielle D.

“I loved how the class was small and consisted of 8 people. This allowed the instructor to focus and help each therapist. Cheryl was an incredible instructor with lots of knowledge of the industry. I feel lucky to have taken this class.”

Cassandra M.

“It was an excellent training. Cheryl is great explained and answers all my questions. I can not wait to tell others about this training with Cheryl. ”

Hilda H.

“My overall experience with Cheryl was great. She is straight to the point and filled with amazing information. Thank You for the teaching me, I will forever remember you.”

Adjhanys V.

“Staff was very friendly –facility was well kept. I would recommend here for massage school or CE classes.”

Christopher H.

“This was an amazing experience and I look forward to utilizing everything I learned. Cheryl is awesome-I loved this class!”

Jennifer P.

“The staff is always such a pleasure. This was my first CE class w/Body in Mind Massage Institute and I am so happy I chose this school for my CE’s. I love love love this place.”

Roseanne S.

“This class was fantastic. Kathy made aromatherapy so interesting to someone who had no idea. I will definitely be back for other CE Courses at Body in Mind.”

Talia Z.

“The facility and space was a great size and fit for all. Clean, bright and airy. I would absolutely come back to this facility for CE classes.”

Elizabeth H

“Very nice place to do CE classes!”

Kathy W.

Cancer and Mastectomy Massage
“Cheryl is very knowledgeable, kind hearted and motivated helping us to learn and broaden our horizons inspiring us to learn more about the subject.”

Erin B.

“What a great experience! Cheryl is knowledgeable, passionate, and very motivating.”

Deborah G.

“Amazing experience! I learned so much from this class. Truly Grateful.”

Shauna H.

“Amazing and Inspiring Experience.”

Lauren K.

“Cheryl is very pleasant to learn with and has interested me in further education in cancer and mastectomy massage.”

Adriana L.

Trigger Point Therapy
“The body in mind institute is the ideal place for continued learning. This was my first CE course and it exceeded my expectations. I’m looking forward to taking the Lymph Drainage CE Course here.”

Nicole E.

“Lots of great info!. Matt was very informative and personal.”

Mary W

“This is a very nice school/Spa, very friendly, clean and nice atmosphere. Great Energy!”

Debra M.

“The instructor Matt, was very friendly and well informed ! The class was made relaxing and everyone was friendly to work with. This whole experience was appreciated.”

Linda B.

“It was fun and very knowledgeable experience. I would definitely come back.”

Angelia S.

“Great experience and very informative. I will recommend to other therapists.”

Kelly M.