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A Taste of Thai Massage (for the Floor or Table)

Friday, November 13, 2020 – 10am-6pm

Join us for this interactive class to learn some effective Thai massage techniques to do on a cushioned floor mat or massage table. Integrate the comprehensive stretches and compressions of Thai massage into your existing table practice, or learn to comfortably work on a floor mat.

Class will introduce Traditional Thai Medicine theory, cover safety and basic techniques, and you will be led through some Front and Back Position movements (supine and prone) for a 30-45minute routine.

Students can choose to work on a massage table OR floor mat, For ease of learning all work in class will be done with the client clothed.

Things to Bring: massage tables are provided but bring a floor mat if you want to work on the floor; bring sheets & pillow; wear loose comfortable clothing that allows freedom of movement; have clean feet and a clean body.

Depending on the format the student chooses, you will learn movements that can easily be done on the massage table or the traditional floor mat in this introductory class. We will cover basic techniques, history and philosophy, and benefits and cautions of this wonderfully therapeutic modality. You will be shown a 45min routine using the traditional Thai massage techniques of passive range of motion and compression to address major muscle groups in the lower and upper body, with the client lying prone and supine. Take this class to get a Taste of Thai and learn new techniques to put in your toolbox that clients will love!

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Presented by Rose Griscom, Director, Institute of Thai Massage

7 CEs for LMTs

$150 per person; Registration & payment received by October 28

Late registration fee after October 28 if space allows = $175

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