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Pin & Release Techniques (Sports)

Thursday, September 10 • 9am-6pm

In this class, we will be covering pin and release techniques for the upper and lower body. This technique works well for your regular clients and for athletes. Pin and release or better known as Pin and Stretch or ART (chiropractors), is a movement-based muscle lengthening technique that is highly effective treating problems with:

  • muscle and tendons
  • ligaments and fascia

Pinning the muscle with sliding force increases movement of the tissue and breaks up and removes adhesions. Pin and release is highly effective for:

  • overused muscles
  • repetitive use injuries (especially with athletes)
  • scar tissue

By applying focused pressure while the client performs specific motions to lengthen the tissue in these targeted areas, underlying tissue can be released. Releases can be passive or active where client participation is necessary. The class hands-on class and participative. Come learn Pin and Release!

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Presented by Jim Earley, LMT
8 CEs for LMTs
$185 per person; Registration & payment received by Sept 3

Late registration fee after Sept 3 if space allows = $210