Scar Tissue Release Therapy • Adams

Scar tissue can have an impact on the surface, superficial, and/or deep tissue layers of the body, causing all kinds of limitations and pain. We will look at the physiological and psychological effects scar tissue can have on a person, especially as it may restrict their lifestyle. Using medical massage techniques to relieve and begin to break down scar tissue, clients can begin to increase their ROM and improve their lifestyle.  Scar tissue restrictions cause soft tissue dysfunction not only to the muscles, fascia, nerve pathways, circulatory pathways, lymph flow etc. which becomes the catalyst of many chronic conditions.

Participants will learn the physiology of scar tissue, and it benefits in the stages of healing and learn different treatments which can be used to minimize, if not totally rid the body of, scar tissue, thus allowing the client to regain ROM and improve their lifestyle. Bring your massage linens and lubricants as this is a hands on class.

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Presented by Mary H. Adams, LMT, CYT

8 CEs for LMTs

$180 per person; Registration & payment received by May 27

Late registration fee if space allows = $205

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