Sports Stretching for the Athlete: AIS (Active Isolated Stretching)

May 20 • 9am-6pm

This class will cover the following aspects of Sports Stretching: ACTIVE ISOLATED STRETCHING (AIS)

  • Types of Stretching/When to Stretch
  • Athletes and Stretching
  • Stretching for Clients and Self Care (stretching strap included)

AIS (Active Isolated Stretching)- dynamic, short hold, muscle lengthening way of stretching. Upper and lower body based on Dr. Aaron Mattes principles of AIS. Great for pre and post event.

This class is open to all, with proof of liability insurance.

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Presented by Jim Earley, LMT, Michael Phelps massage therapist, Olympic Team Sports Massage master

8 CEs for LMTs
$195 per person; Registration & payment received by May 13

Late registration fee afterward if space allows = $215

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