Prenatal or pregnancy massage provides some of the general benefits of massage therapy while also specifically focusing on the numerous changes that happen within the bodies of expectant mothers.

Pregnancy causes a wide variety of physiological and biological changes within a woman’s body, which has a profound impact on many aspects of her life, from her posture to quality of sleep. These changes ultimately require the modification of massage therapy techniques throughout her pregnancy, as the body of a woman in her third trimester is dramatically different compared to a woman in her first.

Benefits Of Prenatal Massage

Pregnant woman enjoying a back massage from her midwife

While therapeutic massage has been used for centuries to improve overall health by easing tension, alleviating anxiety, decreasing stress, improving sleep, reducing pain, and relieving muscle tension, prenatal massage therapy can do more.

Research has shown that prenatal massage addresses many of the common discomforts felt during pregnancy which are brought on by hormone shifts associated with circulatory and skeletal changes. When merged with routine prenatal care, massage therapy has been shown to improve physical, emotional, and maternal health overall. It eases labor, improves birth outcomes, positively balances hormones, and can even affect the general health of newborn babies.

Benefits Of Learning Prenatal Massage

The number of expectant mothers seeking to add massage therapy to their prenatal care regime has been constantly rising for many years now. That is why the majority of massage clinics, spas, and hospitals are increasingly hiring massage therapists who are already trained to provide prenatal massage.

With over six million women who become pregnant each year in the US, it is highly likely that many existing female clients in private practices are among them. By being able to provide them with qualified prenatal massages means a consistency of care that ensures you will retain them as customers throughout their pregnancy, as well as postpartum and beyond.

Benefits Of Prenatal Massage Certification

Prenatal massage therapy is obviously much more than simply massaging someone who is expecting a baby, so proper training is key. Massage therapists need to be educated so they can adjust massage techniques when required during the process of pregnancy from conception until birth. While some contraindications such as not applying hard pressure to the abdomen area may be quite obvious, there are others which are more nuanced that require the guidance and experience of a trained professional.

Prenatal massage therapists also need to be aware of other potential complications like edema and preeclampsia, which may require coordination with other health care providers. Almost all doctors strongly advise their pregnant patients to use prenatal massage therapists who are fully trained and confidently provide the healing relief to the pregnant client.

Prenatal massage is often recommended by many doctors as therapy for pregnant women because it has both mental and physical rewards. The noninvasive and gentle approach of prenatal massage therapy can ease much of the associated discomfort of pregnancy, while nurturing emotional support and preparing the mother-to-be for the experience.

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