Welcome to our newest Day Class, graduating June 2020

We’re excited to welcome our newest Day Class students, who are already hard at work, learning and practicing their skills as massage therapists! An exciting world is waiting for them as they work toward becoming healing professionals! This is the start of their next great adventure and we’re so grateful to be part of it!

Here’s what they have to say about choosing Massage Therapy as a career:

“There are a few reasons why I want to be a massage therapist. One is that in continually trying to help others, oftentimes I don’t have the resources or tools to help. But I feel massage will help out with that. The second reason is to be more knowledgeable. I’ve had massages on and off for 7 years now and some were ok and some were great. I’ve always wanted to know how to massage Not just for me but for clients, friends, family and those that need it. And third is to coincide with my training career and give the best of both worlds to get them to where they need or want to be, safely and rapidly.”

“I wanted to become a massage therapist because I know it will be a great skillset to have that will supplement me as an exercise physiologist. I’m currently interning at a chiropractic clinic and the chiropractor advised me to become a massage therapist. After doing a lot of research, I came across someone who works as a sports massage therapist; he explained how he absolutely loves what he does. After hearing his story and seeing what he does, I was sold on investing in in myself and developing my skills. Not too long ago, as I told my internship site supervisor that I found the perfect massage certification school, a patient overheard me and shared his story. He told me that his son was in a car accident a few years ago and had to walk with a cane. He said his son told him that the physical therapy wasn’t helping him so he visited a massage therapist. He said therapy changed his son’s life. I was very touched by this story. It reminded me why I want to become a massage therapist. Building up a resume is cool but being able to change lives is a lot cooler.”
“My journey began a few months ago. I was feeling lost, didn’t know why my purpose in life was. I’m so accustomed to caring and doing for others that I forget to care for myself. I’m the person everyone turns to when they are having a bad day, not feeling well or having personal problems. But something was missing.

I have always believed that I was born with a special gift, blessed with some type of healing power but needed direction. I woke up one day, feeling I was ready. Ready to start this new journey. Ready to help people with my touch. In early December, I made an appointment for a massage. It had been almost two years ince I had one. As I sat there waiting, I picked up a card that said “It’s time to answer your calling … Become a massage therapist!” My heart began to beat rapidly. I knew right then and there that was the answer. I know what my purpose in life is now and that is to help people feel better and happy. I want my clients to enjoy their lives, to feel good. To be able to move around with no discomfort. I have faith that I will be a great massage therapist because I am a healer.”

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