I am a licensed massage therapist and a certified lymphatic drainage therapist. I chose Body in Mind institute as my school to get my certification because I saw that they were professional, cared about their students and really wanted us to learn, instead of just wanting us to get into the working field. When I met with Mary, she mentioned that this would not be easy, 1, 2, 3, now you’re working. She said we are going to have research papers, homework, have a lot of work to do, but you are really going to have the knowledge that it takes to be successful in this field and she was right. When I went to a lot of other schools they said, Don’t worry. I’ll help you with your homework, easy A, you’ll get working in no time. That’s not what you want when you want to be successful in your field. I took the harder road and it made me more successful in the long run. Now I’m working full time at Metropolis Day Spa in Princeton and I’m also working full time as a lymphatic drainage specialist. Now that I have those backgrounds I’m very successful and have a lot of my own home clients and I’m able to market myself at almost any spa in Jersey.

Kaeley Fiorentino, LMT-CLT, Alumnus June 2017

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