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Health and Wellness Classes

Yoga classes are gentle, healing and for everybody; come refresh your body, mind, and spirit. Drop-in to regular Yoga Classes (not workshops) for only $13. $100 for a 10-class card. ´╗┐Please arrive 15 minutes in advance to register and/or sign in.

Yoga Schedule

Join Us for a Partner Restorative Yoga with Shiatsu

Bring a loved one or meet someone new to do share your yoga practice with! In this 2-hour workshop we will go over some Shiatsu techniques perfect for combining with during restorative yoga poses. While one person is holding the restorative posture the other can perform the Shiatsu on them and then and take turns switching the roles. Restorative Yoga with the addition of this kind touch and support can feel even more rejuvenating. We will begin the first half of the workshop learning some basic techniques and the second half doing a Restorative yoga class with Shiatsu provided by yours truly! With Shukie

Our first Partner Restorative Yoga Workshop will be held Sunday, March 24, 2019 from 1-3pm.

$20 drop-in per person.

Join us for our Thursday Evening Yin Yoga series with Shukie!

Yin Yoga is a passive practice that helps you sit longer and more comfortably by stretching connective tissue around the joints (knees, pelvis, sacrum, and spine) and accessing deep layers of fascia. This is achieved through holding seated and supine poses for 3 to 5 minutes. Rather than going to a maximum depth of a stretch and being uncomfortable, Shukie will introduce how to be soft in each pose while holding the posture and show gentle transitions between the postures. Props such as yoga blocks and bolsters may be used. Some poses will also include assisted stretching through gentle Shiatsu techniques. Each week there will be a different theme such as hip openers, side body stretching, opening the shoulders, and more. Shukie will end each class with a guided meditation and relaxing aromatherapy to help you achieve a blissful state!

Our Yoga Series will be held every Thursday evening from 6-7:15pm until March 28th.

Drop-ins Welcome! $13 per class. Buy our Yoga 10-Class Card and save $3 on each class!

Anyone can attend! All are Welcome!

Yoga truly is for everyone! The practice of Yoga will help you achieve optimal Wellness! All our classes are gentle, easy, healing — great for beginners or seasoned practitioners. You do not need to be flexible to practice Yoga. Practicing Yoga will help you become flexible! Everything can be modified to meet your needs.

Join us for YOGA. You will be happy and feel awesome that you did!

BIMMI Yoga Instructors

Mary Henry Adams, LMT, CMT, CYT
Director, Body in Mind Institute
Certified Yoga Teacher, Licensed Massage Therapist, Sivananda trained with 14 years Yoga teaching experience.

Vinyasa Yoga Instructor – Kimberly Ucles
I was first interested in yoga by the physical appearance, the beautiful poses and graceful movements. After developing my own practice, 5 years ago, I realized how much more there is to yoga than just the physical aspect of gaining strength and flexibility. Through yoga, I have learned to be more present and at peace with myself in all aspects on my life- even off the mat & wish to share it with others.

Hatha Yoga Instructor – Farihah
Farihah has been practicing yoga for over 10 years. Yoga has helped her when she used to be a Bollywood dancer and continues to help her today as she practices being a martial artist. She practiced mostly the Yin style of yoga in her days as a dancing performer in NYC and mostly practiced restorative yoga when anxiety took over her life during college. She found Strala at a time in her life when she was facing depression. This style of yoga taught her to be easy with herself. Her goal is to bring this ease to all the classes she leads so that others can be easy with themselves as well.

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