Deep Tissue Massage


Deep Tissue Massage – Burton


This class will dramatically change the way you view and approach bodywork! For the better…

If a carpenter is only as good as his tools and how he uses them, then the same can be applied to a massage therapist. It is my philosophy that a massage therapist session is only as good as his “tools” and how he/she uses those tools in reference to their application to meet the therapeutic needs of their clients. Who is this workshop for?

  • For the beginning/novice massage therapist who is looking to expand their “tool” chest and stroke vocabulary.
  • The practitioner who is stuck and bored with doing template sequences.
  • The practitioner who is apprehensive about what Deep Tissue Massage really is.

The participants should come out of this workshop with a more secure feeling about the massage strokes and their application in a Deep Tissue session. The participants will learn more detailed characteristics of the strokes and the tools needed to apply them. Participants will also learn how to develop a well-defined intention which can only happen if and when they truly know their massage strokes along with the symptomology of their client(s). Anatomical features will also be reviewed along with landmarks and common pathologies of the soft tissue. There will also be an overview of the Deep Tissue modalities incl: NMT, TPT, and Pfrimmer.

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Presented by William F. Burton, Jr LMT CMCE HMS, MindBody Therapeutics
8 CEs for LMTs
$180 per person; Registration & payment received one week in advance of class date
Late registration fee afterward if space allows = $205

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