Reiki II


Reiki II


This class is designed for those wanting a major advancement as a Reiki healer. Second degree Reiki energy is generally about 4 times stronger than First degree. In addition to a substantial strengthening of the energy, an increase in vibration will give enhanced benefit to clients as well as plants and animals. The attunement received in Level II enables students to use the three Reiki symbols. They are taught to create, activate and use the symbols, which helps direct the energy for a specific purpose. This also enables the practitioner to enhance mental and emotional healing as well as send Distance Reiki energy to anyone, anywhere.

This Class is Open to the Public. Prerequisite: Reiki Level I certificate obtained at least 4 weeks prior to Level II class.

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Presented by Kathy Johnson, RMT
O CEs for LMTs
$160 per person; Registration & payment received by March 22; Textbook fees of $25 payable to Instructor at start of class

Late registration fee after March 22 if space allows = $185; Textbook fees of $25 payable to instructor at start of class
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