Thai Massage Level II: Side Position

Thai Massage Level II: Side Position


Cost: $175

This class builds on your existing Thai massage skills and adds a short routine in Side Position. Side-Lying is a wonderful way to work on the hips, shoulders, and back while the client is comfortably bolstered and supported. It also provides a position to use for clients who are not comfortable or able to lay on their back for too long. Students can choose to work on a floor mat or massage table. Let gravity do the work for you with Side Position!

PREREQUISITES: this class is designed for therapists who already practice some Thai massage and have taken a basic Thai massage course, that want to learn new techniques in side-lying position. You should know the basic techniques of Thai massage and how to use your body effectively. The minimum prerequisite is completion of at least a 1-day introduction to Thai massage class with a qualified instructor.