Voice and Swallowing Disorders


Foundations in Manual Therapy: Voice and Swallowing Disorders

The clinician learned to understand and apply manual therapy (MT) as a multifactorial method of impacting issues of voice and swallowing. Using a biopsychosocial approach to evaluation and intervention, the clinician utilized the evidence to support this MT model and, through hands-on experiences, learned immediately applicable clinical skills in the context of the diagnoses facing the SLP, PT, MT, and OT.

Learning Objectives for Pre-Seminar
Online Module

After successful completion of this module, the therapist will:

1.      Be able to compare and contrast the traditional “tissue-based” explanatory model of change with neurologically based models with respect to manual therapy.

2.      Be able to describe the strengths and limitations of a postural/biomechanical evaluation and treatment-based approach. 

3.      Be able to describe the variations in explanations for manual therapy effects.

Learning Objectives for
In-Person Workshop:

After successful completion of this module, the therapist will:

1.      Demonstrate the ability to apply an effective patient-directed method of manual therapy evaluation.

2.      Describe and demonstrate the various treatment options in a manual therapy session, including cross handed, single handed, compression, gathering/lifting, and traction.

3.      Describe options and apply effective treatment for the remediation of a variety of voice/swallowing and related disorders.

Successful completion of the course and associated award of ASHA CEUs are contingent upon:

  1. A passing score on the written, multiple choice examination given at the end of the online, pre-seminar, module as well as the line-in-person seminar. A grade of 80% or higher is required to pass. 
  2. Accurate demonstration of the treatment techniques as observed by the course instructor during the hands-on portions of the live class. 
  3. As all aspects of the introductory material and hands-on components of this course form the foundations of the approach, no partial ASHA CEUs will be awarded. Full participation in the entire 14.5 contact hours will be required. If you need to leave the seminar early, fail to meet the 80% grade on either quiz, or fail to meet the expectations in the hands-on performance aspects, you agree to forfeit the ASHA CEUs.

Relevance to the massage therapy profession

Manual therapy has been shown to be an effective means of dealing with pain and dysfunction, and specifically to the diagnoses and conditions covered in this seminar. For full research citations supporting this claim, please refer to the Research page of the website, at www.WaltFritz.com. This seminar is relevant to massage therapy in that we teach the basis of manual therapy from both a mechanical and neurobiological framework. Attendees will leave this class able to successfully treat soft tissue disorders in a wide variety of ways. It will allow them to use and expand upon their existing skills and knowledge using the principles of manual therapy in both evaluation and treatment. They will be prepared to begin using the material from day one after completion of the seminar. 

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  • $275 for retakes of this class


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