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Massage School Student Clinics

Everyone is welcome to participate in our student clinics!

Services offered by our massage therapy students as part of their hands-on training requirements. Your voluntary feedback will help better their personal development in this amazing field. Call now to be added to our interest list for one of our clinics. Appointments are not guaranteed; scheduling is in order of priority on interest list.

Receive a full-body, one-hour therapeutic massage or a full-body, ninety-minute massage. Add hot stone, foot reflexology, deep tissue or cupping if you prefer!

  • $35/60-minute sessions
  • $47.50/90-minute sessions
  • + $10/hot stone/cold stone/cupping
  • + $5/foot reflexology

Dates are subject to change without notice. Appointments book fast, so call to add your name to the request list immediately, though there is no guarantee of an appointment.

* We are excited to announce that we will be booking 90-minute sessions on December 14 & 15th! No add-ons will be available at this time, however.

Our Student Clinics Are Back!

We’re excited to announce our Student Clinic Schedule for the Current Semester!

  • November 16/17
  • December 7/8, 14/15

Help our students gain hands-on experience in a professional spa setting while enjoying all the benefits of massage therapy!

We’re excited to offer Hot Stone Massage, Deep Tissue, Foot Reflexology for our clinics on November 2/3 & 16/17 as well as December 7/8.

* We will only be booking 60-minute sessions on November 9/10, December 14/15

Add-ons such as hot stone, cold-stone, reflexology, and cupping will not be available for this period either. Call us 732-608-7781 to get on our interest list.

Call 732-608-7781 for student clinic appointment availability.


Student Clinic Testimonials

“I feel Debbie will do well as a massage therapist. She was friendly, professional and gave a great massage. I liked her calmness.”
Sharon D. 10/19/19

“Excellent programs – students are very well prepared!”
Maryann B. 10/19/19

“Nicole is good. Technique was good. I felt better than when I walked in. “
Keisha W. 10/19/19
“Overall, it is the best massage ever! “
Henry H. 10/19/19
“A little tentative at first but quickly settled in. Had a good flow. Nice energy. Nice cranial facial. Great therapy session. Very relaxing from beginning to end. Good compassion and energy. Great job!”
Jeff A. 10/12/19
“Great flow. Very relaxing. Don’t be afraid to add more pressure. Great energy, flow and touch. Very relaxing. I think I fell asleep.”
Kevin S. 10/12/19
“She cared about my comfort. Good flow. Great Pressure. Trust your hands. Continue with you good hand pressure. Overall great job. Talented massage therapist. “
Joan L. 10/12/19
“The back flow. She had a great pressure and rhythm. Alex was very attentive and mae dome very good suggestions about aftercare in my overall health plan. “
Cindy V. 10/12/19
“Very relaxing, perfect pressure for my needs. Fantastic, professional massage! “
Emily I. 10/12/19
“Another good class. “
Helga B. 10/12/19
“Nicole was very confident, great at maintaining contact with my body and introduced many techniques. Honestly this massage felt like it is the best massage I ever had.”
Meghan M. 10/12/19
“I was very impressed with how professional Brandon was in such little time of training. It is a testament to your school as a whole. Excellent job.”
Jorge R. 10/12/19
“All seemed perfect to me. This is my first massage. Great atmosphere. Professional. Well trained.”
Kyle W. 10/12/19
“I felt that Malcolm was so attuned to the body and its points. It was as if the universe’s energiey was flowing through his fingertips. Magical experience.”
Katy W. 10/12/19
“Ali was wonderful! Although I have only received a few massages, she was the best. The pressure of her massage was just right. She relaxed me very much. I enjoyed her massage. “
Debra G. 10/12/19
“The school does a great job training students to be great at understanding the body and listening to how the body speaks. “
Tony. 10/12/19
“Great massage and very professional students!”
Tony. 10/12/19
“Therapist was very professional and kind. Even though I was her first massage, you would never know it.”
Christina D. 10/12/19
“The school as set up like a trendy massage business. The waiting area has a display of products and the oils fill the area with a relaxing aroma. The private rooms are clearn and comfortable. Bedding is provided. Students are eager to please and very professional. “
Darlene M. 10/12/19
“Malcom was good beginning clinics. Would like to see at end of clinics. “
Maureen M. 10/12/19
“The school has made a remarkable difference in my son. He is making real changes in his life. He is very invigorated to learn and actively improving his lifestyle. He quit smolking cold turkey! “
Renee W. 10/12/19
“Great massage very thorough and confident focused on my tension areas perfectly. “
Tom P. 10/12/19
“Whenever I schedule a massage the students are very professional and friendly.”
Angie H. 10/12/19
“Very professional and clear. Alawyas had me tucked and covered. Worked out areas I’ve been having a lot of pain.”
Kathleen M. 10/12/19
“It’s amazing how much was taught and retained in such a short time.” –
Jasmine S. 10/12/19
“I have been to two clinicals with two different therpists in training. Both were amazing could speak to/with the body.”
Tony. 10/12/19
“This was my first massage ever! Ryan greeted me with a warm welcome and made me feel at ease. His explanation of the experience helped me to relax and benefit. I was instructed to drink plenty of water and was offered a dark chocolate. Needless to say this won’t be my last massage. I’ll be back.”
Cherie M. 10/12/19
“Love coming here. I really feel great! Thank you.”
Paullette B. 10/12/19
“Ryan gave a wonderful massage. Very thorough. He really seems to care about the client.”
Karen W. 10/12/19
“It is very professional and welcoming at body in Mind from the moment you enter. There is wonderful energy here. I’ll be back!”
Lori V. 10/12/19
“Very compassionate and friendly staff.”
Rob V. 10/12/19
“Loved the atmosphere and environment. They explained everything in detail and assessed all of my concerns. “
Deanna D. 10/12/19
“Deanna was awesome. She was compassionate and kind and did all she could to make my massage comfortable. I was thrilled she suggested cupping, which was an amazing service. I am always beyond thrilled with my student clinic experience and always go home feeling calm with less pain than I came in with.”

-Cindy R. 6/9/19

“Marco, my massage therapist last week, and Jordan have very different approaches yet both provided a tension-release and endorphin-freeing experience. Excellent.”

-Mark P. 6/9/19

“Hailey was very passionate and well-educated about massage therapy, and helped make the experience tranquil, peaceful and relaxing.”

-Scott H. 6/9/19

“Jordan made me feel very comfortable with his kind and professional manner. I would come see him again.”

-Adrianna S. 6/9/19

“I have never had a massage like I have with Jenn. I have been coming to her since the beginning and you can feel the confidence and knowledge she has obtained throughout.”

-Traci T. 6/8/19

“Ninety minutes went fast! Lots of time on area requested, like lower back and hands. The student clinics at Body in Mind are an amazing way to experience the wonderful healing benefits of massage and overall wellness. I recommend making an appointment!”

-Amy B. 6/8/19

“Very good massage. My therapist made me feel comfortable, not self-conscious. I appreciate that.”

-Franchi 6/9/19

“I love coming here, Great ambiance, clean, perfect lighting, and a professional great massage.”

Mari M.

“Tried the new technique, cupping, on stiff shoulders and neck and felt immediate relief. Would highly recommend cupping and hot stone.”

-Kathy B. 6/18/19

“This place is great – nice and clean. I loved that Dana used cupping on me – that was my first time have cupping. It was so cool.”

-Sam C. 6/9/19

“My therapist was compassionate, profession and responsive to my treatment goals – she discussed the difference in some areas that improved from last massage. I like everything about the massage – cupping is a very nice bonus. Another successful class!”

-Helga B. 6/8/19

“Deanna was perceptive to my muscle needs. I really enjoyed the cupping and reflexology! It was perfect for me! I have really benefitted from the 90 minute sessions for all the unique therapists. Deanna has healing hands that I will benefit from and miss. I will look forward to the next class.”

-Rick W. 6/8/19

“Excellent. Would highly recommend student clinic massages at Body in Mind – always professional, kind, affirming.”

-Kathy B. 6/8/19

“I have had many massages over the years. I must say this was one of the best I ever had. I will be back.”

-Robert M.

“Great body mechanics and flow. I loved everything about it. Great attention to my traps and trigger points like we discussed. Very much needed relief.”

Ashley P.

“Wow. Very impressed. I could tell right away it was going to be a great massage and it was!”

Deb S.

“The total experience from atmosphere to aroma and professionalism was on point. An excellent experience!”

Robin R.

“A very smooth flow excellent and relaxing massage. I hope to get another one soon.”

Joan W.

“From start to finish a wonderful massage and experience. Loosened up all my knots. A+”

Bob W.

“A relaxing massage with perfect music flow and touch- great job all around!”

Justin M.

“Strong even pressure great flow and tempo in each area. Very professional.”

Eric M.