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Massage School Student Clinics

Student Clinic News


  • Our new day and night classes have just started and student clinics will resume in October. See dates below.
  • We’re excited to announce we will be expanding our clinics to Thursdays and Fridays, including Saturdays and Sundays! Of course scheduling will be according to student availability.
  • We’ve moved our Student Clinic booking system to an online scheduler — just like we do for our professional licensed therapists. To book your session, click here → to Book Your Session Online – or if you prefer to book via phone, you can reach us at 732-608-7781.

Student Clinic Schedule:

October: 10/11, 17/18
November: 7/8, 14/15, 21/22
December: 5/6, 12/13, 19/20

Everyone is welcome to participate in our student clinics!

Services offered by our massage therapy students as part of their hands-on training requirements. Your voluntary feedback will help better their personal development in this amazing field.

Receive a full-body, one-hour therapeutic massage or a full-body, ninety-minute massage.

  • $35/60-minute sessions
  • $47.50/90-minute sessions

Interested in additional modalities? Our students will be trained over the course of their studies for deep tissue, aromatherapy, hot & cold stone, foot reflexology, pre- or post-natal massage, and sports massage. Special modalities will become available as our students progress in their training. Check out our online booking page for more information or feel free to contact us to learn more.

Dates are subject to change without notice.

We are open!

We are thrilled to announce that our clinic is open again! We know that after this recent time of isolation and stress, you need a break to relax, refresh and restore.

We’ve taken this time to thoroughly clean the Institute and update our processes to ensure your health and safety. After consulting with medical and health experts, here are just some of the steps we’ve taken include:

  • Thoroughly wiping down all service rooms and tools with approved hospital-grade or EPA-registered disinfectants and cleaning and disinfecting bathrooms and common areas at a minimum of once every hour.
  • Service providers wearing gloves during services upon client request.
  • Requiring all therapists and faculty to pass a Spa Sanitation and Illness Prevention course and performing a practical assessment to ensure they follow the strict guidelines we enforce, including proper hand washing.
  • Pre-service therapist health checks including temperature check
  • Mandatory masks for all clients, faculty and therapists
  • All linens are single service use
  • A contact-lite transaction process including pre-payment policies, digital intake forms and digital evaluation forms
Call 732-608-7781 for more information about our student clinic — or book your session online.

Boost Your Health With One of These Modalities

Please indicate your preference when booking your appointments as we may be unable to change your session upon your arrival at the Institute.

  • One Special Modality Per Session
  • Special Modalities may not be available for each student clinic weekend
  • Special Modalities may not be available if you are Contraindicated (our clinic supervisor will help assess contraindications)

Keep your eyes out for our email announcements for more information.

Hot stone massage involves the use of smooth, heated stones placed on specific points on your body. The localized heat and weight of the stones warm and relax muscles, allowing the massage therapist to apply deeper pressure to those areas without causing discomfort. Add $10 to your 60 or 90 minute massage.
can be a powerful decongestant and push blood, fluid, and wastes out of overworked or inflamed tissues. These benefits make this type of massage particularly beneficial for relieving swelling and inflammation resulting from sports injury, scar tissue, or trauma. Add $10 to your 60 or 90 minute massage.
you can enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy, sugar foot scrubs, neck wraps, and peppermint scalp treatments. Add $5 to your 60 or 90 minute massage.
Massage therapy during pregnancy is a wonderful complementary choice for prenatal care. It’s a healthy way to reduce stress and promote overall wellness to relieve many normal discomforts experienced during pregnancy. In addition, prenatal massage reduces stress on weight-bearing joints, encourages blood and lymph circulation, helps relax nervous tension and can help relieve depression or anxiety caused by hormonal changes. PLEASE NOTE: Prenatal clients are contraindicated for additional services. No additional charge.
Reflexology is a type of massage that involves applying different amounts of pressure to the feet, hands, and ears. It’s based on a theory that these body parts are connected to certain organs and body systems. Reflexology is linked to many potential benefits, including reduced stress and anxiety, reduced pain, improved general well-being. Add $5 to your 60 or 90 minute massage.

Interested in a special modality? Remember to indicate your preference upon booking your appointment as we may be unable to alter your appointment when you arrive at the Institute.


Student Clinic Testimonials

Very happy she worked on my shoulder. Pressure was perfect. I had some amazing healing with my hips and am looking forward to transformation on my shoulder area to relieve tension and pain. Beyond happy to be able to have this experience. Beth V. 3/15/20

Keep up the great work! Matt will be awesome in his new career! Lanna W. 3/15/20

Everything was just right! Your students are the best! Joanne M. 3/15/20

Jessica did a wonderful job. I could feel all the tension ebbing right out of me. Jeff D. 3/15/20

Professional atmosphere, very relaxing and worth the time. Sheila K. 3/14/20

At one point during the massage, I felt my whole body unwind and relax. It was great! Juliann S. 3/14/20

I really enjoy it all! From the beginning to end – it was amazing! Everything is handled so professionally! You feel the wonderful calmness the minute you walk through the door. This is a true pearl in this very stressful world! Laurin B. 3/14/20

Alex has a great understanding of technique and anatomy allowing her to balance all the musculature. This helps to achieve an overall feeling of well being to healthfulness after the session. She was very in tuned to what muscles were restricted and focused more time on those areas. Jennifer B. 3/14/20

As always, professional, courteous and knowledgeable. Listens to your needs. Kristin was all of the above. Joyce C. 3/14/20

I have been getting massages regularly for the past decade to assist in chemo induced pain control and overall wellness plan. Brandon is a close second to my favorite, well-seasoned therapist. I am grateful for the wonderful massage today. Lisa K. 3/14/20

Gave a good recommendation for a good stretch for upper back tightness. Angel R. 3/14/20

Entire experience was very professional. Arnie S. 3/14/20

Nice to hear from you and that your student’s are progressing. I look forward to getting back to your “Best ever” clinic. That is meant sincerely. Best regards to staff and students. – Arnie S.

Iris was competent, caring and thoroughly understood my personal needs. I would welcome/request Iris for another message. And I loved the music. Patricia F. 3/8/30

Always amazed at how professional the students are! Maureen M. 3/8/20

I like the way she massaged all of the muscles in my legs and glutes which were a little sore from exercise. Iris was very passionate and focused on providing the best massage therapy. She used a variety of massage methods and made me feel 100% relaxed and renewed! Petra M. 3/8/30
Max is well on his way to becoming a great therapist. He knows the body and key muscles and finds the tight spots and works them out. Lanna W. 3/8/20

Very thorough on intake before massage and gentle when guiding movement. Shakira is continually growing – she worked very hard and at end explained cupping. She is very professional and I am very confident in her hands. Kathleen M. 3/7/20
An exceptional gift for any woman in your life is a massage (90 minute) here! Juliann S. 3/7/20

Each experience is professional. They are concerned that all needed areas are addressed and I’m comfortable throughout the massage. Highly recommend! Pat M. 3/6/20
Thank you for recommendations for modifications in my exercise/stretching routine. Lisa K. 3/7/20

Extremely relaxing and therapeutic. Max is extremely knowledgeable of the human body, and how it works. Addressed with thoroughness my knee issues which I can improve with strengthening lateral hamstring and stretching. Patty C. 3/7/20
Jessica was great! She focused on every part that was tense without me having to even tell her very professional. Brianna V. 3/7/20

Very professional and responsive. Very relaxing. It was what I needed. Steve S. 3/7/20

“Jessica was wonderful! I felt very comfortable throughout entire session.”
Marsha G. 2/8/20
“Great place to come. This place has been for sure training professionals and what I love the most is the fragrance-free lotion.”
Annely K. 2/8/20
“Second massage and this place is consistently professional and well coached.”
Dave. M. 2/9/20
“My room was peaceful – therapist was professional – was comfortable at all times. Great Massage.”
Joanne N. 2/9/20
“Clear that she understood special areas. Listened to areas that I mentioned and avoided where needed and focused on problems. The same as a licensed professional at half the cost.”
Gina B. 2/8/20
“Addressed my concerns we discussed at beginning of session. Took extra time to my stiff joints which we discussed. Loved this session. As always, Matt is great! Thank you – my bones feel so good after your session.”
Paulette B. 2/8/20
“As usual, very relaxing and wonderful. Just the right touch and when I asked for deeper- good – thanks.”
Charity V. 2/2/20
“This is one of the best massage I’ve had in a while. I felt so relaxed, I almost fell asleep.”
– Desiree T. 2/2/20
“Iris was very professional and an awesome massage therapist. She transitioned her hands well and always applied the perfect pressure and lotion for a good flow. Very satisfied – I will definitely be back!”
Kevin B.. 2/2/20
“The students are always professional in their demeanor and I enjoy participating in the student clinics.”
– Angie H. 2/2/20
“Rebecca did an excellent job of listening to my body issues and directing her treatment to those areas.”
Cindy V. 2/2/20
“So glad I found you – wish I could come more often – has always been a positive experience.”
– Jeannette M. 2/1/20
“Absolutely wonderful therapy session. Honored to have been your first student clinic therapy I’m impressed. You have a great attitude, energy and intention.”
– Jeff A. 2/1/20
“This is my second experience at the student sessions and the professionalism, concern for my areas to be addressed and overall comfort during the massage were felt and met.”
– Pat M. 2/1/20
“This school is awesome. Therapist was great and helpful as far as what else I could do for relief.”
– Keisha W. 2/1/20
“I really enjoyed my massage. My problem areas were targeted and left feeling super relaxed. I can’t wait for my next massage from Iris.”
– Brittany C. 2/1/20
“Shakira encouraged a few deep breaths in and out. Really helpful and got me relaxed and centered. Shakira also really had a flow and steady, comfortable pressure.”
– Kathleen M. 2/1/20
“It was delightful to have not only a private room but a heated table. Very comfortable atmosphere. I will definitely be back.”
– Kathleen W. 2/1/20
“Vinnie was professional and very warm mannerism. I enjoyed the massage very much.”
– Jocelyn M. 1/12/20
“Every time I come to this place, I fall in love more and more!”
– Henry H. 1/11/20
“Totally fantastic! I asked for deeper pressure as a I had just come from a workout and he did with just right amount.”
– Charity V. 1/11/20
“Alex has such a way of understanding what my body needs. She always leaves me feeling relaxed and refreshed.”
– Cindy V. 1/11/20
“I use Malcolm each time for therapy. He’s a great therapist and eager to help find more ways to help me deal with my pain. I can’t wait to see what’s next and how much further Malcolm come by graduation! Keep up the great work! 😊”
– Jeanne C. 1/11/20
“Ali gave me hands down the best massage I have ever received. Every movement just flowed for reason. Very enjoyable.”
– Sean S. 1/11/20
“The massage was wonderful. The students truly improve so much week to week and I appreciate their willingness to jump right into newly learned techniques.”
– Kelsey R. 1/12/20
“Loved everything about my massage. Makes me feel so relaxed and the room is very comfortable, right temperature control. I look forward to coming! Thank you.”
– Paulette B. 1/12/20
“Very professional, confident. I’d rate her among my best massage.”
– Cindy E. 1/11/20
“Kristina did an amazing job. She listed to what I needed out of the massage, which was neck/bac worked on. She was extremely professional, and I will be booking an appointment with her again in the future.”
– Krissa S. 1/12/20
“Therapist was excellent! I was very comfortable and really appreciate the work on my back. I’m definitely recommending her to everyone I know.”
– AnneMarie W. 1/12/20
“After explaining about lower back pain, Malcolm got me some stretching handouts and talked to me about other ways of stretching. Malcolm is a great therapist – he’s going to do GREAT out in the real world.”
– Jeanne C. 12/7/19
“He was very good on my legs. I would have liked more treatment there since it felt so good! I liked that he asked me if he could work on the trigger points in my scapular area and did a great job! I liked that he did a gentle abs massage.”
– Petra M. 12/14/19
“Excellent therapy session. Good instruction throughout (communication on what was happening next). Nice confidence. Commanding movements.”
– Jeff A. 12/14/19
“Alex was very mindful/intentional about touch, sheet tucking and pressure. I feel like Alex knows how to use time well over entire body. You are all so compassionate. Thank you.”
– Meghan M. 12/15/19
“Therapist and massage was excellent.”
– Steve S. 12/14/19
“Great massage today!!”
– Maureen M. 12/14/19
“Vinnie did an excellent job. I enjoyed that he spent time on my hands and feet as requested. I have always enjoyed attending the student clinics and intend on continuing to do so. Thank you!”
– Linda W. 12/14/19
“Very thorough and peaceful! Students are well prepared, caring, concerned and thorough.”
– Kathleen M. 12/14/19
“BIMMI is a wonderful place to get a massage. I really appreciate the cleanliness of the place, the professionalism of all people here. Thumbs up!”
– Henry H. 12/14/19
“Caitlyn gave a very relaxing, gentle massage that suited my massage needs today. I appreciated her calmness in allowing me to also be calm. Caitlyn has a gentle touch. Thank you!!”
– Mary A. 12/14/19
“Great experience! Therapist was very sweet, professional and sensitive to my needs. I will be back.”
– Anne Marie W. 12/15/19
“Always a positive experience and relaxing.”
– Mary Ann Black 12/15/19
“Matt was very relaxing and concerned. He covered my areas of concern. My experience was wonderful, peaceful and relaxing. Matt was confident and concerned that I was satisfied with my massage. Highly recommended.”
– Patricia M. 12/14/19
“The best – enjoyed every minute. Muscles feel so relaxed – great job Matt! I’m so glad to have you today!”
– Paulette B. 12/14/19
“Matt is doing a great job! Being a massage therapist myself, it takes time to find your flow. So far, I can tell he will do very well!”
– Shannon R. 12/14/19
“Great massage at a great price. Would never had known that Ryan was a student.”
– Paul Z. 12/14/19
“Had another A+ massage today! Body in Mind Students are trained like no others. I have had massages for many years and today’s massage was one of the best! I will really miss this place when I go to Florida. Good luck to Ryan. I’m sure he will be a great massage therapist when he graduates – he is perfect already!”
– Darlene M. 12/14/19
“Ryan gave me an excellent massage. He was very specific – especially on my back – I feel he has a great career ahead of him. He will be a wonderful massage therapist.”
– Karen W. 12/15/19
“Ryan made the experience comfortable and wonderfully effective. I enjoyed the pressure, techniques, and thoughtful questions asked about my needs/preferences during my massage.”
– Krista M. 12/15/19
“Vinnie has a very professional attitude, speaks and explains everything well. Has a nice future ahead of him.”
– Karen W. 12/15/19
“Enjoyed it. Felt relieved. Jessica was confident and very professional and explained where I was sore and worked longer on my shoulders.”
– Noah H. 12/15/19
“I felt comfortable the whole time. Excellent experience! Well worth the time and money. Very professional.”
– Marsha G. 12/15/19
“Jessica was very professional – proficient in every aspect of her massage technique. She recommended I continue to receive massages for stress/anxiety reduction and to help with knots on back/shoulder blade area. Most definitely will continue.”
– Charity V. 12/15/19
“Jessica was very kind and compassionate. Seemed to truly care about me and my well-being. Has a very gentle touch and soft hands.”
– Karen W. 12/13/19

“Students at Body in Mind have consistent and expert training. I always enjoy my sessions.”
– Donna S. 12/8/19

“Because she noticed the tightness and discomfort of my neck and shoulders, Ashley made suggestions about how I might get relief. She was especially gentle with my injured arm but still effectively therapeutic.”
– Shary G. 12/15/19

“Very impressed and delighted with my massage therapist, Nicole. She is very skilled and is going to be a great massage therapist.”
– Alexis F. 11/17/19

“Sarah is clearly going to be an asset to any establishment she might join. Her sincerity is obvious. Clearly, she pays attention to her client before, during and after the session.”
– Shary G. 11/16/19

“Sarah did such a nice job. She addressed my problem areas and followed up with solid, effective recommendations to relieve my pain.”
– Cindy V. 11/16/19

“Sarah is calming, continuous and always lets you where she is in the room. Honestly the past few massages with Sarah have been the best I’ve ever had. Thank you.”
– Megan M. 11/16/19

“It was nothing short of awesome to be paired with a young woman in pursuit of her goals. Hardworking, compassionate and easy to talk to are attributes I know Ashley to have and am excited to see her GO FOR THE GOLD at a school I know will only add to her already positive-oriented nature. Ashley and Body in Mind – a match made in heaven! I feel so totally blessed!”
– Shary G. 11/10/19

“Since I am new to massage, all I can say it was a great experience. Professional. I don’t recall the last time I felt so relaxed.”
– Brooke Z. 11/10/19

“Excellent place to enjoy the passion of new students honing their craft.”
– Toni P. 11/10/19

“The students at Body in Min are fabulous. Only a month or two in and you feel like you are being massaged by a certified, experienced therapist.”
– Joyce C. 11/10/19

“It’s always a pleasure visiting Body in Mind for student clinics. It’s nice to be able to be part of a new MT’s practice. Very warm, compassionate atmosphere.”
– Joan B. 11/10/19

“Body in Mind has a wonderful program to bring the benefits of massage to the wellness of the community. Mary works hard to bring all she can to assist others to understand how the program works. This is not just Mary’s business, it is her mission. I was honored to experience some cranial sacral therapy incorporated into my massage today. It has been a few years since I have had this practice in my sessions, and I forgot its importance. Once again Mary seeks out all she can for her students and her clients.”
– Helga B. 11/10/19

“I am seriously blown away at how professional my experience was. Kristina was wonderful. Communicative and gave me a great massage. Will totally recommend Body in Mind to peers as a school and as a Spa.”
– Siera B. 11/9/19

“Excellent care given after surgery of knee replacement and compassion and good student concern to give me assistance with sore muscles.”
– Linda C. 11/9/19

“After my first session with Malcolm, I left feeling light on my feet. Was a great experience with no side effects of pain later, which is great because I suffer from myofascial pain. Malcolm is a great therapist and understands how to treat this sort of pain. Can’t wait for my next session.”
– Joanne C. 11/9/19
“Adam is very conscientious and welcoming – our pre-massage discussion is very clear, and he understands my goals. Adam remembered my issues from the last session and informed me of changes he saw post massage this visit. Excellent!”
– Joanne B. 11/2/19

“Adam was a professional. He will be great once he graduates.”
– Nick F. 11/2/19
“Always amazed every time I come.”
Belinda SS. 11/2/19

“Adam will be an excellent massage therapist. He is a natural.”
– Lanna W. 11/3/19

“Professional – great technique with pressure – made me feel relaxed and very comfortable. Also room and relaxation music was very comfortable. Enjoyed every minute. Thank you.”
– Paullette B. 11/2/19

“Karen was fantastic. I was very comfortable and relaxed. She gave me a great relaxing massage. I would come back again and again.”
– Brooke Z. 11/2/19

“Malcolm’s technique was really good. I said soft-medium touch and he was spot on. Malcolm listened to my pain concerns in the beginning and gave the perfect massage. I should have done 90 minutes instead of 60, he was that good!”
– Joanne C. 11/2/19

“I had a wonderful experience with Nicole and am definitely coming back!”
– Deanna K. 11/3/19

“Out of all the massage schools I work with, I feel like Body in Mind has the highest caliber of students! Professional and well-educated.”
Taylor F., Manager, Hand & Stone NJ, 11/3/19

“Jennifer helped me further understand the additional benefits of massages and stone massages. I’m looking forward to scheduling one.”
Phyllis P. 10/20/19
“I am glad I chose to continue having Jennifer as my therapist. I really like seeing her improvement with each session. 90 minutes allowed for more attention of each area. Very relaxing. Thank you.”
– Rich I. 10/20/19
“Adam has a great touch, checking periodically for pressure confirmation. Gentle voice explaining the next step, removing /adding bolster, moving table, adding eye pillow etc. I will request Adam again.”
– Joanne B. 10/20/19
“Based on the massage itself and recommendations I received, the therapist is very well-trained and knowledgeable.”
– Aileen A. 10/20/19
“Warm and relaxing demeanor. Great job, Jennifer!”
– Laura Porcaro 10/19/19
“The massage was very personal, and it felt great! Thank you!”
– Marylou F. 10/19/19
“Nicole is an excellent student therapist – she is someone I would continue with after her graduation and licensure.”
Donna S. 10/19/19
“Loved the suggestions for stretching – bit specifically where to stretch, how and most important, he gave me the WHY!”
Jenn S. 10/19/19

“Debbie was so good in every area. She listened to where I wanted the massage to focus. She asked about pressure and kept it consistent. I felt like she reached every muscle.”
Petra M. 10/19/19
“Thoughtful – warmed lotion in hands on this cold day. Excellent pressure – nice and firm.”
Cheryl R. 10/19/19

“Wonderful massage by Karen! I will be back soon! Thank you!”
Katherine S. 10/19/19

“I feel Debbie will do well as a massage therapist. She was friendly, professional and gave a great massage. I liked her calmness.”
Sharon D. 10/19/19

“Excellent programs – students are very well prepared!”
Maryann B. 10/19/19

“Nicole is good. Technique was good. I felt better than when I walked in. “
Keisha W. 10/19/19
“Overall, it is the best massage ever! “
Henry H. 10/19/19
“A little tentative at first but quickly settled in. Had a good flow. Nice energy. Nice cranial facial. Great therapy session. Very relaxing from beginning to end. Good compassion and energy. Great job!”
Jeff A. 10/12/19
“Great flow. Very relaxing. Don’t be afraid to add more pressure. Great energy, flow and touch. Very relaxing. I think I fell asleep.”
Kevin S. 10/12/19
“She cared about my comfort. Good flow. Great Pressure. Trust your hands. Continue with you good hand pressure. Overall great job. Talented massage therapist. “
Joan L. 10/12/19
“The back flow. She had a great pressure and rhythm. Alex was very attentive and mae dome very good suggestions about aftercare in my overall health plan. “
Cindy V. 10/12/19
“Very relaxing, perfect pressure for my needs. Fantastic, professional massage! “
Emily I. 10/12/19
“Another good class. “
Helga B. 10/12/19
“Nicole was very confident, great at maintaining contact with my body and introduced many techniques. Honestly this massage felt like it is the best massage I ever had.”
Meghan M. 10/12/19
“I was very impressed with how professional Brandon was in such little time of training. It is a testament to your school as a whole. Excellent job.”
Jorge R. 10/12/19
“All seemed perfect to me. This is my first massage. Great atmosphere. Professional. Well trained.”
Kyle W. 10/12/19
“I felt that Malcolm was so attuned to the body and its points. It was as if the universe’s energiey was flowing through his fingertips. Magical experience.”
Katy W. 10/12/19
“Ali was wonderful! Although I have only received a few massages, she was the best. The pressure of her massage was just right. She relaxed me very much. I enjoyed her massage. “
Debra G. 10/12/19
“The school does a great job training students to be great at understanding the body and listening to how the body speaks. “
Tony. 10/12/19
“Great massage and very professional students!”
Tony. 10/12/19
“Therapist was very professional and kind. Even though I was her first massage, you would never know it.”
Christina D. 10/12/19
“The school as set up like a trendy massage business. The waiting area has a display of products and the oils fill the area with a relaxing aroma. The private rooms are clearn and comfortable. Bedding is provided. Students are eager to please and very professional. “
Darlene M. 10/12/19
“Malcom was good beginning clinics. Would like to see at end of clinics. “
Maureen M. 10/12/19
“The school has made a remarkable difference in my son. He is making real changes in his life. He is very invigorated to learn and actively improving his lifestyle. He quit smolking cold turkey! “
Renee W. 10/12/19
“Great massage very thorough and confident focused on my tension areas perfectly. “
Tom P. 10/12/19
“Whenever I schedule a massage the students are very professional and friendly.”
Angie H. 10/12/19
“Very professional and clear. Alawyas had me tucked and covered. Worked out areas I’ve been having a lot of pain.”
Kathleen M. 10/12/19
“It’s amazing how much was taught and retained in such a short time.” –
Jasmine S. 10/12/19
“I have been to two clinicals with two different therpists in training. Both were amazing could speak to/with the body.”
Tony. 10/12/19
“This was my first massage ever! Ryan greeted me with a warm welcome and made me feel at ease. His explanation of the experience helped me to relax and benefit. I was instructed to drink plenty of water and was offered a dark chocolate. Needless to say this won’t be my last massage. I’ll be back.”
Cherie M. 10/12/19
“Love coming here. I really feel great! Thank you.”
Paullette B. 10/12/19
“Ryan gave a wonderful massage. Very thorough. He really seems to care about the client.”
Karen W. 10/12/19
“It is very professional and welcoming at body in Mind from the moment you enter. There is wonderful energy here. I’ll be back!”
Lori V. 10/12/19
“Very compassionate and friendly staff.”
Rob V. 10/12/19
“Loved the atmosphere and environment. They explained everything in detail and assessed all of my concerns. “
Deanna D. 10/12/19
“Deanna was awesome. She was compassionate and kind and did all she could to make my massage comfortable. I was thrilled she suggested cupping, which was an amazing service. I am always beyond thrilled with my student clinic experience and always go home feeling calm with less pain than I came in with.”

-Cindy R. 6/9/19

“Marco, my massage therapist last week, and Jordan have very different approaches yet both provided a tension-release and endorphin-freeing experience. Excellent.”

-Mark P. 6/9/19

“Hailey was very passionate and well-educated about massage therapy, and helped make the experience tranquil, peaceful and relaxing.”

-Scott H. 6/9/19

“Jordan made me feel very comfortable with his kind and professional manner. I would come see him again.”

-Adrianna S. 6/9/19

“I have never had a massage like I have with Jenn. I have been coming to her since the beginning and you can feel the confidence and knowledge she has obtained throughout.”

-Traci T. 6/8/19

“Ninety minutes went fast! Lots of time on area requested, like lower back and hands. The student clinics at Body in Mind are an amazing way to experience the wonderful healing benefits of massage and overall wellness. I recommend making an appointment!”

-Amy B. 6/8/19

“Very good massage. My therapist made me feel comfortable, not self-conscious. I appreciate that.”

-Franchi 6/9/19

“I love coming here, Great ambiance, clean, perfect lighting, and a professional great massage.”

Mari M.

“Tried the new technique, cupping, on stiff shoulders and neck and felt immediate relief. Would highly recommend cupping and hot stone.”

-Kathy B. 6/18/19

“This place is great – nice and clean. I loved that Dana used cupping on me – that was my first time have cupping. It was so cool.”

-Sam C. 6/9/19

“My therapist was compassionate, profession and responsive to my treatment goals – she discussed the difference in some areas that improved from last massage. I like everything about the massage – cupping is a very nice bonus. Another successful class!”

-Helga B. 6/8/19

“Deanna was perceptive to my muscle needs. I really enjoyed the cupping and reflexology! It was perfect for me! I have really benefitted from the 90 minute sessions for all the unique therapists. Deanna has healing hands that I will benefit from and miss. I will look forward to the next class.”

-Rick W. 6/8/19

“Excellent. Would highly recommend student clinic massages at Body in Mind – always professional, kind, affirming.”

-Kathy B. 6/8/19

“I have had many massages over the years. I must say this was one of the best I ever had. I will be back.”

-Robert M.

“Great body mechanics and flow. I loved everything about it. Great attention to my traps and trigger points like we discussed. Very much needed relief.”

Ashley P.

“Wow. Very impressed. I could tell right away it was going to be a great massage and it was!”

Deb S.

“The total experience from atmosphere to aroma and professionalism was on point. An excellent experience!”

Robin R.

“A very smooth flow excellent and relaxing massage. I hope to get another one soon.”

Joan W.

“From start to finish a wonderful massage and experience. Loosened up all my knots. A+”

Bob W.

“A relaxing massage with perfect music flow and touch- great job all around!”

Justin M.

“Strong even pressure great flow and tempo in each area. Very professional.”

Eric M.