Wellness Classes Testimonials

“In life there are few things that impact one’s perspective of the world as much as yoga. Over the years of practicing yoga under Shauna (yoga instructor) I have been able to release immense amounts of stress and anxiety while finding joy in the process of quieting my mind. Knowing yoga and the services associated with it are positively contributing to my longevity provides comfort in my life. Through the classes I have taken here I learned to control stress, manage aches and pains and much more and now I keep my “Body in Mind”.”

Matt T.

Employee and Yoga Student

Yoga class for seniorswith Mary is awesome! Mary is a beautiful soul who lovingly shares her gift of yoga with us and gently pushes us to improve our health and well begin through the practice of yoga. We leave her class feeling relaxed, refreshed and enlightened.


Barbara Peterson, 1/15

“Practicing yoga with Mary has been a life-changing experience for me! She has taught me how to relax and overcome physical injuries through “practice, patience and perseverance”. Her classes focus on the spiritual and relaxation aspect of yoga as well as the physical. She is an phenomenalyoga instructorand an amazing person! Namaste”


“I highly recommend theyoga classes. Both Mary and Shauna are wonderful. The classes are personalized so no matter what level you are, they meet the needs of each individual. Try a class…. you won’t be disappointed.”

See you Tuesday!


Take advantage of yoga’s benefitsby taking a class at Body and Mind. You will find small, intimate classes where the instructors encourage you to focus on breathing, relaxation and a touch of meditation. I have found improved flexibility, balance, and overall well being. The classes are a great source of exercise and stress management.”

Alyson S.