Transcript Requests

A request for a copy of a student transcript and/or records can only be made by the former student in writing.

Current students, former students and alumni may request printed transcripts using the form below. Please fill the form out entirely.

Transcript Request Form

Your signature must be notarized.

Please mail or drop off the notarized form to our location at 1837B Hooper Ave, Toms River, NJ 08753 during normal business hours – along with payment of $35 (cash, check, credit card)


The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act: 20 USC 1232 (FERPA) requires written permission from students to have their school records and transcripts distributed.

Please allow 10 business days for processing. BIMMI is not obligated to provide transcripts to students or alumni whose financial obligations to the Institute have not been satisfied.

Transcript requests cannot be processed verbally, whether in person or over the phone, nor by text message or email.

Please provide all the requested information; incomplete requests will not be followed up on.

Requests without signature notarization will not be fulfilled.

Any fees owed must be paid prior to request being processed.

Important Information:

  • Identification and payment are necessary at the time of request
  • Any outstanding balances/actions will result in non-release of the student transcript
  • Parents, family members and/or friends may not request a transcript or pick up one without written consent from the student**