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What are the Disadvantages of Massage Therapy?

Massage therapy has a lot of physical and health benefits. It has been used to treat several health conditions such as migraines and menstrual pain in women. It has also been used to treat fatigue, stress and chronic back and lower back pains in pregnant women. Massage therapy also helps reduce weight and treat high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes. The benefits of massage therapy are endless. Despite this, massage therapy does not come without its disadvantages. This article looks at exactly that.

  • Time Engaging

We live in a busy world where time factor is a rare commodity. Since massage therapy is an experience that takes some bits of your time, it may be challenging if you are the type that spends most of your time working or handling other activities. Most therapies take approximately 60-90 minutes, a duration where you will be just lying on the massage bed doing nothing. The timing for massage therapy can be somehow tricky because if you are busy, you can only schedule the therapy during evenings, mornings and the weekend. Such sessions attract a premium cost.

  • Expense

Trained and accredited therapists who need to pay bills and earn a living conduct massage therapies. They also use expensive essential oils and equipment to do the manipulation. On average, most therapies will cost you a couple of dollars and it will be even more expensive if the only time you can have the massage therapy is during the weekends, evenings or mornings. Such schedules fall under the premium price category and are usually quite expensive.

  • Physical Injuries

Although they rarely do occur, you cannot rule out the possibility of a physical injury because of massage therapy. Sometimes, an inexperienced masseur does not have the knowledge and skills to manipulate your body in the right way. Injuries occur due to too much pressure application, wrong strokes, skin abrasions because of friction, and on the extreme levels, blood vessels can rupture. You can also end up with broken bones and irritated nerves. These physical injuries are very expensive to treat, hence the need to find a good and accredited massage therapist.

  • Awkwardness

Massage therapies are performed with the patient lying on a bed, and with their bodies half-naked and covered in a white cloth. Based on your needs, the therapist will ask you to semi or fully expose the points of focus so that they can manipulate them. If the points of focus, for example, are the lower back, thighs, or the upper back, you will need to expose such parts. This can make you feel awkward and weird. For the reserved people, this experience might feel uncomfortable. In some rare instances, this has led to intimate relationships between the patient and the therapist, something that is not only unprofessional but also tragic for people in relationships.

  • High Expectations

Because of the hype that sometimes surrounds massage therapy, some people step into a massage room with very high hopes. Most people tend to think that they will feel energized and relaxed after the massage therapy. On the other side, you may experience some pains, soreness, and drowsiness instead of the expectations you came in with. To reduce disappointments, do not go to the massage room with very high expectations. At the same time, a good therapist can help deliver great results and reduce disappointments.

  • Aftereffect

Sometimes a massage therapy can leave you feeling a little tired and drowsy. You may also feel sleepy and fatigued due to the manipulation of the muscles. This can be detrimental if you had the massage in the morning or afternoon, where you will be required to go back to work. You may also feel weird because of the smell of essential oils and flattened hair. To reduce the weird feeling, you should have a massage in the evening so that even if you feel tired and drained, you can go home and have a good night’s sleep.

As much as there are disadvantages associated with massage therapy such as physical injuries, fatigue and that it is time consuming, the benefits outweigh them. In most cases, the risk of physical injuries and disappointments are because of an inexperienced and unaccredited therapist who does not have the expertise to manipulate your body. To avoid all these and have the best experience, look for a good therapist by checking their accreditation and customer reviews and ratings. To avoid paying hefty charges, schedule the massage during normal working hours.

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