Massage Tools for the Therapist/ Gua Sha/ Basic Sports Massage

Toms River Campus – June 6, 2024 • 9AM-6PM
West New York Campus – November 21, 2024 • 9AM-6PM


Presented by Jim Earley, LMT

Students will learn techniques to add to their skill sets as massage therapists and sports massage therapists. This will include learning Gua Sha (Graston, muscle scraping) techniques on upper and lower body. Titanium gua sha (graston tool will be provided).

Also covered in the class will be:

  • proper foam rolling techniques,
  • proper use of lacrosse balls to break up adhesions, and
  • use of other tools for the therapist including percussion tools such as the Hypervolt.

The students will also learn proper Active Isolated Stretching (to use on clients and for self-care). Stretching strap will be provided. These skills are designed to give the therapist added skills to use on themselves for self-care and for their clients.

This class is open to all, with proof of liability insurance.

Register Now!

  • Presented by Jim Earley, LMT, Michael Phelps massage therapist, Olympic Team Sports Massage master
  • 8 CEs for LMTs
  • $225 per person; Registration & payment received one week prior to the start of class
  • Late registration fee afterward if space allows = $250
  • Registration fee includes stretching strap
  • Does Not Include: sheets or oil/cream/lotion. Supplies can be purchased separately in our retail shop if in stock or you can bring your own. 

What Students Say

I love everything about this course! I had a great time in BIMMI. Mary is wonderful and the class was amazing.”

Jay Goldmanu, LMT

Excellent all around! Thank you, Jim! Wonderful, clean, close to home. Good location.”

Tara Gangi, LMT

Jim is an excellent instructor. He is very knowledgeable and shares it in a way that is easy to understand. The hand outs were extremely helpful. There were detailed and allowed the students to listen rather than racing to write notes. The paper was also of good quality and a folder provided. The photos in the hand outs are also helpful. The self-care segment is so helpful. We learned many techniques and tools. Great information. The class was so interesting. Time went by quickly. There was a great deal of hands-on with individual attention given. The ‘take home” tools are really appreciated such a great benefit and bone.”

Sheri Nalbone, LMT