Calcium Deposits + Power Point Deep Tissue

Toms River Campus: May 9  * 8am-6pm & May 10, 2024 * 8am-4pm
West New York Campus:
Nov 2  * 8am-6pm & Nov 3, 2024 * 8am-4pm

Presented by Tatyana Richmond, LMT | NCBTMB # 1000579

This course utilizes lecture, demonstration and hands-on practice focusing on the recognition, causes, and the effects calcium deposits have on the musculoskeletal system. Students will be presented with deep tissue massage therapy techniques to perform on clients who present with pain and restricted ROM caused by calcium deposits. Students will demonstrate competency in the techniques presented in this course.

Course Objective: Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

● Define, identify and discuss causes of stress

● Identify and list the effects of stress on musculoskeletal system

● Describe the relationship between stress, cortisol and high levels of calcium and their effects on musculoskeletal system

● Define calcific tendonitis

● Describe and discuss how size of calcium deposits can affect nerves and ROM

● Demonstrate “static pressure” and ” power point” deep tissue technique

● Demonstrate proper body mechanics in treatment of calcium deposits

● List contraindications of deep tissue massage

● Locate calcium deposits and demonstrate :“static pressure” technique to dissolve it ; “power point” deep tissue technique to muscles groups in back and neck muscles with client in prone position

● Locate calcium deposits and demonstrate : “static pressure” and “power point” deep tissue techniques to muscles while client is in supine position

● Demonstrate a release of subscapularis.

● Evaluate ROM of both arms to determine effectiveness and if any additional treatment is required

● Locate and demonstrate learned techniques to other areas of the body where calcium deposits may occur – base of palm or bottom of feet...

● Describe recommended post treatment activities for client

Learning Outcomes: Upon completion of this course the student will be able to provide deep tissue massage to clients to relieve symptoms of calcium deposits and provide post treatment instructions. 

  • Presented by Tatyana Richmond, LMT | NCBTMB # 1000579
  • 16 CEs for LMTs
  • $400 per person; Registration & payment received by 4/25/24 (Toms River) & 10/19/24 (West New York)
  • Late registration fee afterward if space allows = $425
  • Does Not include sheets or creams. Supplies can be purchased separately in our retail shop or you can bring your set if you already have one.

What Participants Say

Fantastic course! The techniques taught are so effective and can easily be implemented into any routine. I’m really excited to try them out.

Lauramy P. LMT

This was the best, most information heavy CE I have taken in my 5 years of working as an LMT. I would even take this exact course over again!

Adam S. LMT

Best class structure, best instructor, best in my 16 year career! Awesome!

Maria B. LMT