Thai Fusion for the Table

Toms River Campus – March 29, 2024 • 9AM-6PM
West New York Campus – 2024 Dates TBD • 9AM-6PM
Presented by Christine Matecki, LMT, PTA, CLT

Traditionally Thai massage is done while the client lies on the floor, and the therapist will slowly work the client's body on a floor mat taking the client through various stretches while the client is clothed. The therapist may use their hands, knees, legs, or feet to help manipulate the person's body into different positions.

In this course, Thai Fusion for the Table, traditional Thai massage techniques have been adapted to be used on a massage table. Therapists will  be introduced to and learn the basics of Thai massage techniques, the benefits and contraindications of Thai massage and be able to incorporate techniques into a Swedish massage as well as offer clients a 75 minute Thai Massage sequence that can be provided to clients on a massage table.  This is a great addition to your practice, especially for those clients who may not be as open to a traditional Swedish massage. 

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  • Presented by Christine Matecki, LMT, PTA, CLT
  • Presented by Mary Adams, LMT, CYT, CLT
  • 8 CEs for LMTs
  • $225 per person; Registration & payment received one week prior to start of class
  • Late registration fee afterward if space allows = $250
  • Does Not Include: sheets or oil/cream/lotion. Can be purchased separately in our retail shop if in stock or you can bring your set if you already have one

What Clients Say

Loved the instructor! Looking forward to taking more courses with Christine. I really enjoy the courses here and I’m so grateful for a beautiful school and great instructors and plenty of classes. Great location!

Tara G LMT

Excellent Course - excellent instructor. Always pleased with the offered courses here. Always learning something new to enhance my practice! Great instructors.

Sheryn N LMT