Deep Tissue Massage • Adams


This class will change the way you view deep tissue bodywork, and help you recognize that deep tissue bodywork is intended to address the deeper structures in the body in a way that helps the client receive relief but does not hurt the therapist in the process. “Deep tissue” massage is often misunderstood and mistaken for “deep pressure” the client is really looking for. LMT’s can help clients realize the difference and schedule the correct techniques to satisfy the client’s need for deeper work. There is no reason to fear “deep tissue” clients if you are attuned to your own body mechanics, as a therapist, and apply the tools in your toolbox effectively.

Participants will learn how to develop a well-defined intention and how to apply their therapeutic skills effectively to relieve their client’s issues. We will briefly review anatomy, physiology and pathology to properly inform your choice of the Deep Tissue techniques you will learn in this workshop and how to apply them for client relief. Bring your massage linens and lubricants as this is a hands on class.

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Presented by Mary H. Adams, LMT, CYT

8 CEs for LMTs

$180 per person; Registration & payment received by May 6th

Late registration fee afterward if space allows = $205

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