Massage therapy is a growing field, and there is plenty of research and data to back that up. In fact, you only have to think in terms of first hand experience. As the health benefits of massage therapy become more universally accepted and desirable, we’re started to see massage therapists working in airports, shopping malls, and even hospitals.

All of this points toward a growing demand for quality massage therapists; but is the industry producing them? The answer, of course, is yes – there are many fantastic therapists coming out of various schools every year, and they’ll be in it for the long haul as professional therapists.

That said, there are plenty of massage therapist who graduate school, receive their certification, enter the industry, and quickly find themselves looking for another career. The question is, why does success elude so many massage therapists? Here are five of the most important answers.

1. They don’t have the physical constitution

Massage therapy can be physically demanding work, but it’s also very good for keeping in shape and maintaining great muscle tone. Working on clients day after day requires strength and endurance, and it does happen sometimes that a massage therapist simply doesn’t have the physical stamina to continue on in this profession.

2. They didn’t pick a good school

The massage therapy school or academy is a huge part of what makes a successful therapist in the long run. If you attend a reputable academy with expert teachers, student clinics and plenty of hands-on training (as well as learning about the whole business and administrative side of being a massage therapist), you’ll have a very deep skill set to lean on. Without good training, many people simply flounder in the real world of professional massage, because other therapists are able to do the job so much better. Going back to school can be a great option if you suspect you might not have the best training under your belt.

3. They didn’t learn about the business side of things

As mentioned, the business and administrative side of things is extremely important when it comes to massage therapy. A well-rounded school will cover these aspects in a comprehensive way, giving the graduate a full set of skills and professional contacts to help them succeed in the business.

Ensure your success as a massage therapist

The number one thing you can do to ensure your success as a massage therapist is to be really good at what you do – not only in terms of talent, but being properly trained and certified. That’s why choosing a school or academy is so important. The right school will set you up with the technical and professional skills you need to deliver seriously professional massage therapy services. This much is obvious. But the right school will also set you up with a working knowledge of the business aspects of being a massage therapist, especially if you intend to work on your own. A solid educational foundation is the bedrock of success in the vast majority of careers, and massage therapy is no different. Therefore, choose your school with care!

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