Chakras, Essential Oils & Massage Therapy

Chakras, Essential Oils & Massage Therapy

Chakras and Essential Oils: Thursday, October 8 • 6pm-10pm • Kathleen Higgins • $75 Cancelled due to lack of enrollment. To be rescheduled

Chakras are believed to be forces of energy that flow through the body and correspond to seven major organs and systems. When the energy flow of a chakra becomes impaired in the corresponding organ, system function becomes impaired. Chakras are based on the science of energy. It is believed that chakras resemble the vibrations of the body’s own molecules, 8 cycles per second.

Massage therapy is believed to help realign and rebalance the energy flow through the chakras. It’s said that every chakra is connected to a point in the body.

How can you incorporate essential oils with your massage therapy if you’re working to target a specific chakra? We begin by explaining the 7 chakras, their colors and the oils that help open the respective chakra. Understanding the basics of Chinese medicine as it applies to the Chakras will be taught. Students will make “roll-ons” for their private use. In addition, recipes will be given for students to make to use in the massage setting.

This Class is also Open to the Public

Presented by Kathleen Higgins, Certified Clinical Aromatherapist
4 CEs for LMTs
$75 per person; Registration & payment received by October 1; Materials fees of $25 payable to Instructor at start of class

Late registration fee after October 1 if space allows = $100; Materials fees of $25 payable to instructor at start of class


Early Bird registration is October 1. At this deadline, Body in Mind Massage Institute (BIMMI) and/or class instructor reserves the right to cancel a class due to under-enrollment at which time, participant will be issued a full refund within 2 weeks of cancellation either using the same form for which class was paid, or by check mailed to the participant.

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