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You do not need to be a Massage Therapist for any of our courses, though if you are, you can receive NCBTMB Approved CE credits.
Note: Current BIMMI students and recent graduates are eligible for a 20% discount of our CE classes.

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Upcoming Continuing Education Courses

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A Taste of Thai Massage (for the Floor or Table)

Friday, September 21 10am-6pm
Description: Depending on the format the student chooses, you will learn movements that can easily be done on the massage table or the traditional floor mat in this introductory class. We will cover basic techniques, history and philosophy, and benefits and cautions of this wonderfully therapeutic modality. You will be shown a 45min routine using the traditional thai massage techniques of passive range of motion and compression to address major muscle groups in the lower and upper body, with the client lying prone and supine. Take this class to get a Taste of Thai and learn new techniques to put in your toolbox that clients will love!
7CEs, $145/Register by September 14

Scar Tissue Therapy

September 27 9am-6pm
What many people, therapist and clients alike, don’t realize is the impact scar tissue can have on their bodies; on the surface, superficial, and/or deep. Other than if infected, health professionals have generally overlooked the physiological and psychological effects scar tissue can have on a person. But now, as massage therapy and manual bodywork is coming more to the forefront in the healthcare world, it is now becoming more clear the restrictions this soft tissue dysfunction can have on not only the muscles but also fascia, nerve pathways, circulatory pathways, lymph flow etc. which thus becomes the catalyst of many of our chronic conditions.

In this course we will learn what Scar Tissue is and how it is formed; learning both the good side of scar tissue along with the bad side. Looking at the soft tissue dysfunctions we will see where scar tissue falls in line with the healing process and if left untreated how it forms into more of a stubborn soft tissue dysfunction. Participants will learn the physiology of scar tissue, learning the stages of healing. Participants will also learn the different types of scars and their physiological and psychological effect(s) on the person. Then we will learn the different treatments that are used by many therapists to minimize if not totally rid the body of scar tissue. Body will include a demonstration of techniques used by massage therapist: Crossfiber friction, Myofascial Release, ART, STR, and IASTM to name a few.

Facilitated by William F. Burton Jr., LMT, CMCE, HMS 8 CE’s for LMT’s
$175/Register by September 20


Friday, September 28, 10-2pm

Open to the public, anyone can take it. Satisfies the requirement for L.M.T. ‘s recertification. (No CE’s.) It is a two -year certification through the American Safety and Health Institute.
$85./Register by September 21


Saturday, September 29, 2018, 9 – 5

Open to the Public. Reiki, which means “Universal Life Force” energy, is a holistic and natural form of healing. It uses a gentle “laying of hands” technique to help relax the body and restore balance by promoting a well-being on a physical, spiritual and emotional level. Reiki encourages the body’s ability to heal itself. This class is designed for those wanting to learn the use and practices of Reiki energy. It will give participants the understanding of how the energy works, where it comes from and how your energy centers (Chakras) are effected and where they are located. Reiki is an excellent relaxation and healing technique that, after learning its history, hand positions and symbols, and applying its principles, and receiving an attunement by the Reiki Master, you will then become a Reiki Practitioner.

Facilitated by Kathy Johnson, Reiki Master 7 CE’S for LMT’s.
$160 per person, includes the Book./ Register by September 21

Reflexology: The Roth Method

October 4th, 2018 10am – 7pm
Join this workshop for a day of great foot and hand work. After a lifetime of performing exceptional hands-on manual therapy, both as a massage therapist and chiropractor, Dr. Henry Roth has become an extraordinarily popular and sought-after teacher as well.

The Reflexology presented by Dr. Roth is like no other in his application of Reflexology. As a student of Laura Norman in NYC, his fellow students would hire him for their own personal sessions because of his grasp of the techniques of Reflexology. Dr. Henry’s style of work is both intense and manually beautiful and it is his initial relaxation techniques that set him apart from other practitioners.

Student should bring two pillows and a good quality massage cream known for its signature smoothness Participants receive a Reflexology manual which contains all vital subject matter and illustrations.
8 CEs with Dr. Henry Roth $175 register by September 28th

Therapeutic Release: Myofascial and Neuromuscular Therapy Techniques for Shoulder and Rotator Cuff Pain

October 7-8, 2018(Sunday-Monday 9a.m.-5p.m.)

In this live course we will look at some causes of acute and chronic myofascial pain in the shoulder and rotator cuff and how we can assist the client in achieving relief. Presentation of myofascial trigger points and their referral patterns along with a step by step combination treatment plan of myofascial and neuromuscular therapy techniques that can be implemented in the treatment room the very next day. We will discuss contraindications, stressors, clinical characteristics of trigger points, and client self care. Primarily a hands on course with some lecture.

$320 16 CE’s for licensed massage therapists
Presented by Kristen Curnan, LMT, CMNT/ Register by Oct 1

Thai Herbal Compresses

Friday, October 19 10am-6pm
“The best CE class I’ve ever taken!” said more than one participant. Enjoy the day exploring the healing qualities of herbs used in traditional Thai medicine. See, smell, taste, and touch the herbs as we read and hear about their medicinal properties while cutting and chopping fresh and dried herbs to make our own cloth poultice/compress. Then steam and apply the warm compress during a short massage at the end of the day. The herbal compresses are a great add-on to Swedish massage (a bit like hot stone because of their heat retention, but softer and more pliable in your hand). They are also a bit like aromatherapy (because of their medicinal qualities, but with the added benefit of warm steam). You get the added benefit of increasing your knowledge of herbs to use in your personal daily life to support healthy living (cooking, topically, making teas, etc).

NOTE: the focus of this class is on learning about and making the compresses; it does not include the teaching of specific thai massage movements, but is instead geared to adding herbal compresses to whatever modality you already practice. Class includes a comprehensive textbook and one pack you make and use in class to take home and use again. Additional packs and loose herbs may be available for purchase.
7CEs, $150 early bird 2 weeks prior/$175 regular/Register by Oct 15

Cupping Level I

Thursday, October 25, 9am – 5pm
$190 with an additional $65 for the kit. If attending both cupping classes, the cost will be $350 with an additional $130 for the kits.
Presented by Renee Osborne . Register by October 19th.
7 CEs for LMTs

Cosmetic Cupping

Friday, October 26, 9am – 5pm
$190 with an additional $65 for the kit. If attending both cupping classes, the cost will be $350 with an additional $130 for the kits. Must prove that Cupping Level I has been taken before attending Cosmetic Cupping course.
Presented by Renee Osborne . Register by October 19th.

Positional Release Therapy

November 8, 2018 10am-7pm
(Strain-Counter Strain) Ease and harmony are what the body seeks to rediscover with Positional Release Therapy, a gentle osteopathically-based system for working the body’s self-corrective reflexes. PRT does not use forceful manipulation. It is gentle, non-intrusive and safe, even in cases of acute injury and chronic pain. The guiding principle is to work with the body to activate self-corrective reflexes, instead of trying to stretch a muscle that is tight. The practitioner will compress the shortened muscle, giving the body direct feedback to the proprioceptive reporting station so it will not continue to report strain. It puts the spasmodic muscle to sleep. The position of ease is held for 90 seconds. The false strain message is stopped as well as the irritation and pain. The released shortened muscle is slowly returned to neutral so as not to restart the dysfunction. Upon completion of a session the client receives home exercises to do to further facilitate the neuro-muscular re-education process that began in the session.

Participants receives an illustrated manual containing all the anatomical regions addressed in the workshop.

8 CE Class with Dr. Henry Roth
$175 register by November 2nd

Thai Massage Level II: Side Position

Friday, November 9, 9am-6pm
This class builds on your existing Thai massage skills and adds a short routine in Side Position. Side-Lying is a wonderful way to work on the hips, shoulders, and back while the client is comfortably bolstered and supported. It also provides a position to use for clients who are not comfortable or able to lay on their back for too long. Students can choose to work on a floor mat or massage table. Let gravity do the work for you with Side Position!

PREREQUISITES: this class is designed for therapists who already practice some Thai massage and have taken a basic Thai massage course, that want to learn new techniques in side-lying position. You should know the basic techniques of Thai massage and how to use your body effectively. The minimum prerequisite is completion of at least a 1-day introduction to Thai massage class with a qualified instructor.
8CEs, $150 early bird 2 weeks prior/$175 regular/Register by Oct 26

Aromatherapy- Essential Oil Class

Wednesday November 28 2018 from 6pm-10pm
Open to the Public. Learn the basics of how to safely and effectively incorporate essential oils into your massage session. You will learn the history of aromatherapy, understand guidelines for safe use and proper application of essential oils for emotional and physical issues. You will make a blend to use in your practice and receive a booklet on aromatherapy. (There is a ten person minimum or class may be cancelled.) 4 CE’s for massage therapists.
$75 ($85 Late Registration) + $25/materials fee, payable to instructor in class (make your own blends!)
Presented by Kathleen Higgins, Certified Clinical Aromatherapist
4 CEs
Did you know? Licensed Massage Therapists in the State of New Jersey must take 20 hours of Continuing Education classes every 2 years, including 2 hours of Ethics. 6 may be taken online. CE classes in NJ must be completed by November 30, 2018 – for the current Biennial period.

We are an NCBTMB Approved School and Approved Continuing Education Provider. Please let us know what other classes would be of interest to you in your professional development, and we will find a way to add them to our schedule. Call or contact us anytime: 732-831-7417

Please let us know what other classes would be of interest to you in your professional development, and we will find a way to add them to our schedule. Call or contact us anytime: 732-608-7781