A Taste of Thai Massage (for the Floor or Table)


A Taste of Thai Massage (for the Floor or Table)


This class has been changed to a LIVE, ONLINE format via Zoom in response to ongoing Covid19 health and safety precautions.

It is now a 7hr LIVE course taught over Zoom on Friday November 13, from 8:30am – 12pm and continuing 2pm-5:30pm, with 2 (15min) breaks (one each in the morning and afternoon sessions) in addition to the 2hr lunch break, allowing you time to step away from the screen so you can be focused and engaged during class time. You will be working along with the instructor getting real-time feedback just like an in-person class, but from the comfort of your home or office, working on a friend or colleague from your ‘bubble’.

Students must have reliable internet access, a receiver-body to work on for the length of the course day starting at 9am, keep their camera on at all times during the course hours, and participate LIVE in person in real time during the entire course hours. Attendees who are not present during any portion of the LIVE course times cannot receive a CE certificate.

This will be a useful, fun and interactive class introducing this wonderfully therapeutic modality. You get to move a lot! The instructor is known for her comfortable and engaging teaching style. You will learn effective Thai massage techniques to do on a cushioned floor mat or massage table (your choice), so you can integrate comprehensive stretches and compressions of Thai massage into your existing table practice, or learn to comfortably work on a floor mat, with techniques your clients – and you – will love doing.

We will introduce Traditional Thai Medicine theory and practice so you can understand the origination and breadth of this unique bodywork: cover basic safety, techniques, benefits and cautions; and traditional Thai massage techniques of passive range of motion and compression. You will be shown a 30-45min routine to address major muscle groups in the lower and upper body, with the client lying prone and supine. You will follow along with the instructor interacting with the students in real time, giving personal instruction and feedback; this is not a prerecorded webinar.

For ease of learning all work in class will be done with the client clothed (see the Things to Have notes below about clothing to wear).

Things to Have:

  • a massage table or cushioned floor mat (if you do not already have a Thai or shiatsu-style mat, you can make a comfortable floor mat using 3 or 4 yoga mats covered with blankets or comforters and topped with a large non-slippery sheet);
  • head pillow and 2 or 3 small pillows or bolsters;
  • giver and receiver should both wear loose comfortable clothing that allows freedom of movement (such as yoga pants, sweat pants, loose cotton pajama-style pants, t-shirt or long-sleeve shirt with at least a small sleeve, sweatshirt; try to have minimal buttons and zippers and bulky bits;
  • giver and receiver should both have clean feet, trimmed nails, a clean body, and wear face masks if you are not already part of each other’s ‘bubble’.

Take this class to have fun, move your body, learn useful techniques, and get a Taste of Thai massage to put in your toolbox that clients will love!

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Presented by Rose Griscom, Director, Institute of Thai Massage

7 CEs for LMTs

$150 per person; Registration & payment received by October 28

Late registration fee after October 28 if space allows = $175

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