Therapeutic Stretching

Therapeutic Stretching


The purpose of this workshop is firstly to ease the apprehension of the therapists about stretching their clients and build their skills as well as their confidence to stretch their clients during a massage session. The instructor will define terms, reinforce anatomy and kinesiology knowledge, and categorize many stretching techniques into their settings, intentions, and therapeutic goals. Students will learn: the differences between elongation, lengthening, activated, release and mobilization; the principles behind stretching, the importance of stretching and the nervous system, and self-care stretching techniques. Students will also review the muscles and the difference between phasic and postural muscles and will receive demo and apply the given techniques on each other.

Presented by William F Burton, Jr LMT CMCE HMS, MindBody Therapeutics
7 CE’s for LMTs
$180 per person;

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