Employer Testimonials

“Hi Mary, just wanted to let you know that one of your recent grads had come by for an interview last week. She seems very sweet. Tom, my lead MT, was extremely impressed with her professionalism. Thanks for continuing to produce such excellent massage therapists. Hope you realize how many lives you touch exponentially with your school. You will always be my first recommendation for anyone interested in the field!”

– Eric P., Owner, Massage Envy – Brick, Toms River, Freehold

“My experiences with some of the recent graduates have been extremely positive. I have had some of the most passionate, dedicated, nurturing and prepared employees coming from Body in Mind more recently. They are understanding in the business and that it is not immediately working after graduating. They know to pay attention to their body mechanics and not overworking themselves right out of school. They are realistic in the process in which they will build their book, if they are brought to our team. 😊 “

“I’ve had several who came as Oncology Trained because Mary encouraged them to take this additional training, which was amazing! One in particular has moved up the tiers immediately and continues to blow our minds each day with her performance- might I add that she is TINY- size wise- and many clients feel that she will not be FIRM but she is DEEP pressure, and this has helped us with making our clients believe it does NOT matter about their size, it is all about positioning and technique!”

“Overall though, there is a sense of genuine caring and compassion from the graduates from Body in Mind. It is difficult to put into words, but I can sense a difference from where someone goes to school, and I think those who attend Body in Mind have the upmost best interest for the clients in their minds at all times, never about the “great schedule” or flexibility you’re able to have as an MT. I couldn’t be happier with the recent graduates of Body in Mind School of Massage. Keep them coming!!!!”

“My hiring experience with Body in Mind has been Excellent to say the least. Mary fully prepares her students for both “hands on” as well as State testing requirements! I look forward to meeting her future students and providing them with a future workplace where they can thrive and grow their careers!!”

~ Kim, Monmouth County Spa Owner

“I have been the Hiring Manager for 2 local Ocean County Massage Franchise Locations for the last 6 years and have interviewed many Licensed Therapists that have graduated from Body In Mind. The greatest thing I’ve seen out of the graduates is how well rounded and educated they are. The curriculum certainly sets them up for success right out of school.”

~ Tom, LMT and Hiring Manager