Student Clinic Testimonials

What Our Clients Say about Our Students & Student Clinics

Chris's massage was extremely therapeutic and relaxing. She used an amazing amount of techniques which I greatly appreciated. Her massage techniques are perfect for someone who works out and does strength training. She relieved my neck pain. And I wish her all the best. The training and education that the students receive here is amazing and I greatly appreciate that.

Petra M.  12/3/23

The student clinic is a wonderful way to get (almost) professional* massage affordably. The students benefit from the practice and the clients can be assured they are in good hands, as the students have been instructed well.
* Students are NOT professionals

Jennifer E.  4/1/23

Anna provided focused, knowledgeable attention to me throughout the massage. She checked in with me regularly and explained transitions and places she encountered tension and knots. Overall, AMAZING! Feeling very zen and glad to be in the care of a passionate practitioner who cares about the client’s well being.

Amy S.  4/15/23

Having a session with Ginny was like being in the hands of a SUPERHERO! I knew she had me in her capable hands and there was not a shadow of doubt she was going to save the day! Rescue achieved. 

Sharlyne G.  3/16/23

From the moment you walk through the door, the school takes great care in making the client feel welcome and comfortable. Throughout the session I felt being attended to with the utmost attention & care. I was comfortable and relaxed throughout the session and more calm than I have in several years. This place is special. I look forward to my next massage.

Meredith B.  2/25/23

I  have always been so impressed with the training and skill of the students here. They are always professional and caring. I always feel relaxed with less pain and discomfort! Thank you Katie! The fact that you sat down, took notes, empathized with my pain issues meant a lot. This will make you an amazing therapist as you move on. You have a very skilled touch. Good luck!

Cindy V. 8/27/22

I deal with myofascial pain and Angelina was spot on with pressure. I never had to correct the amount of pressure she used. I feel relaxed, refreshed and I do not feel pain from the massage! Great job! Keep up the great work!

Jeanne C. 2/13/22

Christos is an excellent massage therapist. He knows how to manipulate the problem areas that I had. He gave me several suggestions on how to stretch my muscles at home. I felt very relaxed when done and muscle soreness has greatly improved.

Parlen G  7/2/21

Kate was amazing. I honestly could not tell she was a student. She was very professional while preparing for the massage and she used many different techniques during the massage. She spoke knowledgeably about my different complaints. And was a great listener. I will definitely be back to see her again. I've never had such a relaxing massage.

Audrey C.  10/29/23

This was my first time having a massage done at a school. You would never know by the way they greet you and overall professionalism and such caring given throughout my massage experience. I will definitely be back and refer my family and friends.

Kellie C.  4/16/23

She already knew I was having massages since long before she was BORN! I commended Kellie for making such a positive career choice at a young age. Her confidence is superlative!

Shary G.  4/16/23

Your students are very good & have a bright future in the forecast. I was very tight in my lower back & a bit stressed when I arrived but by the time Josie finished up with me, my lower back was that of a 25-year-old.

Anthony R.  3/12/23

I have had several messages from the students at this school and they have all shown good technique and skills. The students are well trained here and the clients receive a good massage. 

Anna L. 2/26/23

 This institute must have the best teachers because of how wonderful and professional their students are. It felt just as great as a licensed massage therapist.

Shelby V. 8/13/22

Best therapist in every way. I liked everything, so well balanced in every aspect. My therapist Nicole will be graduating & she will excel in every way. She has been taught, mentored, molded into a therapist with exceptional skills. She will be in high demand wherever she goes. Congratulations to Nicole and her excellent instructors - job well done!

Mary C. 6/18/22

Avery was phenomenal! You are going to make a great massage therapist. Best of luck in your career. Your massage was very helpful and therapeutic. It flowed well. I loved being a student at BIMMI and I hope you do too!

Biana C. 2/13/22

Latoya was amazing! I’ve been getting massages on and off for the past 30 years. She is most definitely at the top 10, maybe top 5. She uses awesome pressure, great motion, and gives relief! Great head face and scalp attention too.

Jill R 5/2/21

Your students are being taught well! As a massage therapist myself (20 years), I was delighted by the professionalism & enthusiasm of the massage therapist who worked on me. I will be back!

Pamela S. 4/9/21

Kimmie was wonderful. She was attentive and listened to what my area of soreness was. I will definitely book again. I’ve had many massages over the years, I was very pleased with my visit.

Mariah P 11/7/21