Student Clinic Testimonials

What Our Clients Say about Our Students & Student Clinics

I deal with myofascial pain and Angelina was spot on with pressure. I never had to correct the amount of pressure she used. I feel relaxed, refreshed and I do not feel pain from the massage! Great job! Keep up the great work!

Jeanne C. 2/13/22

Christos is an excellent massage therapist. He knows how to manipulate the problem areas that I had. He gave me several suggestions on how to stretch my muscles at home. I felt very relaxed when done and muscle soreness has greatly improved.

Parlen G  7/2/21

Avery was phenomenal! You are going to make a great massage therapist. Best of luck in your career. Your massage was very helpful and therapeutic. It flowed well. I loved being a student at BIMMI and I hope you do too!

Biana C. 2/13/22

Latoya was amazing! I’ve been getting massages on and off for the past 30 years. She is most definitely at the top 10, maybe top 5. She uses awesome pressure, great motion, and gives relief! Great head face and scalp attention too.

Jill R 5/2/21

Kimmie was wonderful. She was attentive and listened to what my area of soreness was. I will definitely book again. I’ve had many massages over the years, I was very pleased with my visit.

Mariah P 11/7/21

Your students are being taught well! As a massage therapist myself (20 years), I was delighted by the professionalism & enthusiasm of the massage therapist who worked on me. I will be back!

Pamela S. 4/9/21

  • Angelina did a good job! She was warm and nurturing. She did my abs which felt great! I never had them done before and also my glutes were done. It was wonderful! Patricia G 2/13/22
  • Angelina’s massage strokes were fantastic on the limbs. Her massage was so smooth and flowing all the time! Petra M. 2/13/22
  • Victoria was very attentive and fixed all the stress that was on my shoulders. She made sure that I felt comfortable and was constantly communicating with me. Patricia 2/10/22
  • Cindy was great, listened to what I had to say about pain or any issues I had prior to massage and followed everything. Perfect pressure and added suggestions for tight muscles after massage was over. Jeanne C. 2/20/22
  • Melissa is an excellent student and will no doubt be an asset to the industry. Colleen C. 2/26/22
  • I knew I was coming to a student clinic but was pleasantly surprised Ally gave me one of the best therapeutic massages I’ve ever had. I go once a month for the last 5 years. Great job! Sharon M. 2/26/22
  • Other than the sign on the front of the building, I would not have known I was at a school with students. Everything was very professional, and it was a very relaxing environment. Mike P. 2/27/22
  • Carmaris was very professional, and the massage was relaxing and the aromatherapy perfect! I would have never guessed she started 5 weeks ago! Karen G. 2/27/22
  • Nicole is so very compassionate. Such a gentle touch yet firm enough to work out sore muscles. She’s going to do a fantastic job as an LMT. Thank you! Veronica G. 2/27/22
  • I left feeling truly relaxed and refreshed. Sami will have great success and truly has healing hands. Madeline M. 2/27/22
  • Loved it Mel was amazing, and she is very professional. She listened to my suggestions and made adjustments. - Lakesha L 12/11/21
  • Alyssa really helped me feel so much better! I was with her 3 different times, so I had the full benefit of her massage techniques. She is the best - I wish she could stay! Patricia A. 12/5/21
  • Great job! Very good pressure. I feel a lot better. I’ll have to try 90 minutes next time - I felt like I wanted more time on my neck. Elizabeth S. 12/5/21
  • Joe is knowledgeable and professional when it comes to all things “body”. He has helped me with many issues I have had with pains etc. Anny A. 12/4/21
  • I overall had a very pleasant first massage. Student administered great pressure while showing care to my problem areas. Answered my questions when asked and had a nice, confident demeanor. Aaron J. 12/4/21
  • This was a wonderful experience. The student massaging me was professional, gentle, caring and gave me a wonderfully relaxing massage. Summer B. 12/4/21
  • Alyssa was compassionate and professional; she was always concerned about my comfort level. She did a fabulous massage. -Patricia K 11/7/21
  • Clearly well trained in all areas, from greeting, addressing specific needs to how much pressure to apply. Also, how to treat myself after a massage. -Mary C 11/6/21
  • Alyssa was awesome and I could tell she truly cared and listened regarding my area of concern. Keep up the great work you are making a true difference in the lives of your clients. -Jackie 11/7/21
  • Kimmie was excellent in giving me a firm massage and working on my knots. It was just what I needed and helped me to relax. - Kathleen M. 11/7/21
  • Kimberly was excellent, caring and professional. She especially was great at massaging the lower back shoulder and “knots”. -Patricia F 11/7/21
  • Sammi was wonderful. From the moment I met her, I felt safe and in good hands. Her pressure was perfect, and her massage reflected her nurturing energy. Keep up the good work! Giselle 10/17/21
  • Victoria was very good - very smooth, relaxing in her techniques and flow. Very happy to have my scalp massaged especially! April S. 10/17/21
  • You did great! I was so relaxed I fell asleep! Keep going - you're doing awesome! Can't wait to see your progress! Sheli P. 10/17/21
  • Mel was excellent. I would never have guessed that she is a student. Colleen C. 10/17/21
  • Great relaxation massage - Jenny has a great quality of touch and the massage had a seamless flow. Always a positive experience at Body in Mind student clinics. Malcolm W. 10/17/21
  • Avery told me I was her first client. I thoroughly enjoyed it! Carlee L. 10/17/21
  • Joe feels like a seasoned professional and his knowledge of the human body is quite evident already! - Phil R. 9/12/21
  • The therapist was very thorough on addressing the areas to work on. He continually asked about the pressure and my overall needs during the massage. - Maureen F. 9/11/21
  • Kaylyn was up there with one of the best massages I ever had. I definitely will be back. It was a very tranquil, nourishing experience. Thank you! Patricia G 9/12/21
  • Kaylyn listened to my muscles during treatment. She was very in tune and her techniques felt wonderful. Jennifer S. September 12th
  • This school does a great job with preparing students for success. Donna F. 9/12/21
  • Thank you for the healing you have given me. Good luck in your career and thank you for choosing this career. Beth V. 9/11/22
  • Kaylyn was able to reach all my muscles and gave me such a relaxing and rejuvenating massage. I wish Kaylyn all the best in her new career! She is fabulous! - Petra M. 9/12/21
  • Kaylyn had the perfect pressure and techniques through the massage. She reached all of the muscles exactly what I needed! Petra M. 8/8/21
  • Devin was excellent and I did not want it to end! Nichole C. 8/8/21
  • Devin was confident and professional; he exceeded the expectations of a student massage therapist. I was impressed and he was very in-tune with the pressure I needed. Jennifer S. 7/11/21
  • I found the massage with Devin exceptional! Really a massage that is complete. I would have never thought he was a student. 7/10/21 Fiore
  • Students have a specific knowledge of anatomy. Students are attuned to the client's needs and expectations. Students are aware of needs and privacy. Patricia F. 7/10/21
  • Kaylyn’s massage was perfect! Her pressure and form were consistent and reached my muscles. The massage was fantastic! Petra M. 7/11/21
  • Nice job, thank you for stretching out my back. You did a great job and hope all your hard work paid off. Allison B. 7/11/21
  • I would recommend your school and students to everyone. I always get a great massage. Wendy R. 7/11/21
  • Christos did a great job of stretching out my muscles and massaging them. He gave me a great massage and many tips to improve my sore massage areas. -Darlene 7/9/21
  • He noticed something and brought it to my attention. He made sure I felt comfortable. I have a toe deformity that makes me feel awkward, but he was very professional and helped me relax. Amber 7/9/21
  • This school always has great students with great training. I feel so much better after my session. Thank you! Pauletto 7/2/21
  • She was great with variety and working out with treatment goals. I know I had tightness and knots and she worked them out. -John P 6/18/21
  • Kaylyn was amazing and very professional. The environment was relaxing, and she allowed me to feel comfortable the whole time. It was one of the best massages I’ve ever had. - Emily G. 6/11/21
  • Devin was simply awesome. He had a lot of techniques, and the massage was simply relaxing. Will come back and get another 90 minute. - Fran G. 6/19/21
  • Second time with Kaylyn and had a great experience! Will definitely be back. She focused on problem areas and relieved pressure. -Brianna 6/6/21
  • Christos was super professional and knowledgeable. He made me feel comfortable and explained everything that he did and why he did it after the massage. He even took time to show me exercise at home. He had a very promising career ahead of him. I will be back! - Brooke 6/6/2021
  • Very impressed with my experience with the therapist and the school. Will recommend and return again. Latoya was excellent! Cori B. 5/16/21
  • Thorough, Excellent pressure, attention to every muscle, understands the body like she can see through skin. Born to be a body working massage therapist. Latoya is superb! Jill R. 5/16/21
  • JoAnna is wonderful, second time with her, very pleased. She goes above and beyond Sandi R. 5/16/21
  • Devin was great! He was very attentive to my goals and even explained his work after. I feel confident that he will succeed. I would love to know where he finds employment as I would see him again. -Amy M. 5/16/21
  • I wanted to thank Kaylyn, she is the best student! She made me feel very comfortable, this makes me want to come back. Thank you for your kindness. Henry H. 5/16/21
  • This massage was very relaxing and therapeutic. I felt that my stressors were melting away as Devin was working on me. Again, this was very healing. I would do it again. Ashlee C. 5/15/21
  • OMG! For his second day Devin is amazing! He will be an awesome massage therapist. He is a natural! 5/25/21 Lanna W.
  • Awesome time on my back! Love that you work both sides on my forearm and the use of knuckles and forearm will save your hands! Shelby 4/17/21
  • Alli went above and beyond! She let me know I have a small lump near my spine and to let my doctor know just to make sure it was nothing serious so the next time they know if it can be removed with severed treatments. Patricia K 4/11/21
  • I have been here several times and it was amazing. how everyone is taught by same teachers, but everyone does it just a little or a lot different. Laure V. 3/13/21
  • I have been here several times and it was amazing. how everyone is taught by the same teachers, but everyone does it just a little or a lot different. Laure V. 3/13/21
  • Fantastic massage. Atmosphere was perfect for relaxation and Dan seemed to be passionate about giving the best massage possible. 10/10 Kyle K. 2/12/21
  • Dan’s massage was one of the best massages I have ever experienced. He is knowledgeable and professional use of his excellent technique provided a therapeutic experience. Ronnie R. 2/14/21
  • I must say I was amazed at the scalp and head massage, and this is the best I’ve felt since suffering a TBI three years ago. Therapist was amazing! Josh L. 2/14/21
  • Giovanna was another in a great line of student therapists from this massage school. Donna S. 2/14/21
  • The massage was exactly what I needed. Perfect medium pressure and I was out cold. I am sure Dan will do great in his massage career! Thank you! Giovanna F. 2/13/21
  • This massage was exactly what I needed after a few rough weeks. Giovanna was fantastic! Paid attention to my problem areas and put me to sleep which is very hard to do. Overall, she did a great job and has a very bright future as an LMT! Dan S 2/06/21
  • Lillian moved her hands with confidence and the right pressure for different parts of my body. Excellent massage! Patricia 2/06/21
  • Wow! Wonderful massage was professional and was responsive to requests for adjustment. Great training! Becky M 2/6/21
  • Ross has definitely honed his skills; this is my third massage from him. Congratulations on your upcoming graduation! Maureen M. 2/6/21
  • Giselle’s outstanding massage felt perfect. My muscles were relaxed and energized at the same time! I could feel the improved blood circulation and my skin was tingling! Petra M. 1/10/21
  • Overall fantastic massage great detail put into every muscle and part. Session was super comfortable, and I felt like great care was taken in relieving my pains. Dan F. 1/10/21
  • Ross had a great flow and perfect pressure. He was very in tune with my issues and addressed each one effectively. Ross is going to make a fantastic LMT!!! Continued success!! Debra M. 1/10/21
  • All the students at Body in Mind are taught in a consistent and professional way. It shows in their technique and performance. Donna S. 1/10/21
  • Mary’s students have great training and I always get the best massage. Donna S. 12/20/2020
  • Russ is getting better each time. I noticed from the last time. He was deeper with his touch, which I really enjoyed. Definitely meant for this profession. - Patricia C. 12/5/2020
  • Extremely comfortable today. She used stretching techniques I never had before. Was very great. Fran G. 12/5/2020
  • Thank you staff and students for professionalism and for following safety guidelines during pandemic. Truly feel comfortable getting a massage. - Maureen M. 12/6/2020
  • This was my first time getting a massage and I was blown away by how amazing my experience was. It was over before I knew. Giselle did an excellent job at addressing the areas that were sore and stiff. - Carlos R. 12/6/2020
  • Lillian’s amazing and just knows the right pressure to use during the massage. I was so relaxed and feel great. Thank you. - Allison B. 12/6/2020
  • Lilly’s confidence and learning are such an asset! Lilly’s massages are amazing. - Petra M. 12/6/2020Absolutely love the health benefits of massage. I feel prepared to tackle the week ahead. Robbin R. 11/22/2020
  • Giovanna has an amazing pressure and made my 90 minute seem like 2 hours. She has a soothing personality and is great technique. With time, you are going to be a-mazing. Carrie V. 11/22/2020
  • Thank you for providing such therapeutic session during these difficult times. Sheri N. 11/22/2020
  • The whole experience was very professional. You wouldn’t know it is a massage school. Great students. Very well run. Lorna D. 11/8/2020
  • Lilly was very professional and attentive. The massage flow and the consistent pressure was perfect. Petra M. 11/8/2020
  • Very happy she worked on my shoulder. Pressure was perfect. I had some amazing healing with my hips and am looking forward to transformation on my shoulder area to relieve tension and pain. Beyond happy to be able to have this experience. Beth V. 3/15/20
  • At one point during the massage, I felt my whole body unwind and relax. It was great! Juliann S. 3/14/20
  • I really enjoy it all! From the beginning to end - it was amazing! Everything is handled so professionally! You feel the wonderful calmness the minute you walk through the door. This is a true pearl in this very stressful world! Laurin B. 3/14/20
  • Alex has a great understanding of technique and anatomy allowing her to balance all the musculature. This helps to achieve an overall feeling of well-being to healthfulness after the session. She was very in tuned to what muscles were restricted and focused more time on those areas. Jennifer B. 3/14/20
  • I have been getting massages regularly for the past decade to assist n chemo induced pain control and overall wellness plan. Brandon is a close second to my favorite, well-seasoned therapist. I am grateful for the wonderful massage today. Lisa K. 3/14/20
  • Iris was competent, caring and thoroughly understood my personal needs. I would welcome/request Iris for another message. And I loved the music. Patricia F. 3/8/30
  • I like the way she massaged all of the muscles in my legs and glutes which were a little sore from exercise. Iris was very passionate and focused on providing the best massage therap. She used a variety of massage methods and made me feel 100% relaxed and renewed! Petra M. 3/8/30
  • Max is well on his way to becoming a great therapist. He knows the body and key muscles and finds the tight spots and works them out. Lanna W. 3/8/20
  • Very thorough on intake before massage and gentle when guiding movement. Shakira is continually growing - she worked very hard and at end explained cupping. She is very professional, and I am very confident in her hands. Kathleen M. 3/7/20
  • Each experience is professional. They are concerned that all needed areas are addressed and I’m comfortable throughout the massage. Highly recommend! Pat M. 3/6/20
  • Extremely relaxing and therapeutic. Max is extremely knowledgeable of the human body, and how it works. Addressed with thoroughness my knee issues which I can improve with strengthening lateral hamstring and stretching. Patty C. 3/7/20
  • Jessica was great! She focused on every part that was tense without me having to even tell her very professional. Brianna V. 3/7/20
  • Second massage and this place is consistently professional and well coached. Dave. M. 2/9/20
  • Clear that she understood special areas. Listened to areas that I mentioned and avoided where needed and focused on problems. The same as a licensed professional at half the cost. Gina B. 2/8/20
  • Addressed my concerns we discussed at beginning of session. Took extra time to my stiff joints which we discussed. Loved this session. As always, Matt is great! Thank you - my bones feel so good after your session. Paulette B. 2/8/20
  • This is one of the best massages I’ve had in a while. I felt so relaxed, I almost fell asleep. - Desiree T. 2/2/20
  • Iris was very professional and an awesome massage therapist. She transitioned her hands well and always applied the perfect pressure and lotion for a good flow. Very satisfied - I will definitely be back! Kevin B. 2/2/20
  • The students are always professional in their demeanor, and I enjoy participating in the student clinics. - Angie H. 2/2/20
  • Absolutely wonderful therapy session. Honored to have been your first student clinic therapy I’m impressed. You have a great attitude, energy, and intention. - Jeff A. 2/1/20
  • This is my second experience at the student sessions and the professionalism, concern for my areas to be addressed and overall comfort during the massage were felt and met. - Pat M. 2/1/20
  • This school is awesome. Therapist was great and helpful as far as what else I could do for relief. Keisha W. 2/1/20
  • I really enjoyed my massage. My problem areas were targeted and left feeling super relaxed. I can’t wait for my next massage from Iris. Brittany C. 2/1/20
  • Shakira encouraged a few deep breaths in and out. Really helpful and got me relaxed and centered. Shakira also really had a flow and steady, comfortable pressure. - Kathleen M. 2/1/20
  • It was delightful to have not only a private room but a heated table. Very comfortable atmosphere. I will definitely be back. - Kathleen W. 2/1/20
  • Vinnie was professional and very warm mannerism. I enjoyed the massage very much. - Jocelyn M. 1/12/20
  • Every time I come to this place, I fall in love more and more! - Henry H. 1/11/20
  • Totally fantastic! I asked for deeper pressure as a I had just come from a workout, and he did with just right amount. - Charity V. 1/11/20
  • Alex has such a way of understanding what my body needs. She always leaves me feeling relaxed and refreshed. - Cindy V. 1/11/20
  • I use Malcolm each time for therapy. He’s a great therapist and eager to help find more ways to help me deal with my pain. I can’t wait to see what’s next and how much further Malcolm come by graduation! Keep up the great work! 😊 - Jeanne C. 1/11/20
  • Ali gave me hands down the best massage I have ever received. Every movement just flowed for reason. Very enjoyable. - Sean S. 1/11/20
  • The massage was wonderful. The students truly improve so much week to week and I appreciate their willingness to jump right into newly learned techniques. - Kelsey R. 1/12/20
  • Loved everything about my massage. Makes me feel so relaxed and the room is very comfortable, right temperature control. I look forward to coming! Thank you. - Paulette B. 1/12/20
  • Kristina did an amazing job. She listed to what I needed out of the massage, which was neck/bac worked on. She was extremely professional, and I will be booking an appointment with her again in the future. - Krissa S. 1/12/20
  • Therapist was excellent! I was very comfortable and really appreciate the work on my back. I’m definitely recommending her to everyone I know. - AnneMarie W. 1/12/20