Massage Therapy Certification Program Testimonials

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Aubrey Zahad

December 2022 Graduate

I truly feel that Body in Mind has a true passion for this craft so it’s no surprise that they have gone to great lengths to provide a comprehensive program to prepare any aspiring therapist. The staff has been nothing but accommodating, attentive, and compassionate. This experience truly will hold a place in my heart. Peace, love, and warmth to you all.

Stephanie Malkiewicz

December 2022 Graduate

I really enjoyed the program. I definitely feel like I am in the right place for sure. I learned more than I thought I ever would. I was so excited to start the program and once I was in it, I had to trust the process. These six months flew by and I would not trade this experience for the world. I feel very ready to start my career and determined to make the most out of it all. Thank you for helping me grow.

Christos Dimopoulos

July 2021 Graduate

To anyone looking to experience an enlightening process through the power of the healing arts, I recommend this school tenfold. I have grown tremendously. This program provided me all the tools and love I needed to push forward to become a better human and future therapist. Couldn’t be more grateful.

Lillian Bill

February 2021 Graduate

Going into Body in Mind’s massage therapy program, I had never taken an anatomy class and only had ever received one professional massage from an LMT out of her home. I knew little to nothing about muscles, how they work, and what the effects of massage was on them or how massage helped them heal. I did not fully understand massage as a therapeutic treatment – only as a “fluff and buff” sort of thing. I now know much more. I have a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of massage therapy that will carry me confidently into this field of work. Body in Mind has prepared me phenomenally to do this work. I feel grateful to have chosen this school as my place of study and feel excited to begin working. Everything has been really amazing. This program was the most personalized, thoughtful, student-centered education I have ever received. For that, I am grateful. I feel that I have a forever second home here at BIMMI.

Giselle Contreras

February 2021 Graduate

Before enrolling in the program, I was a lost 20-something with no direction and passions. But it wasn’t until I became a part of the BIMMI family that I felt like I had found the path to fulfill my purpose. This program has given me the knowledge and confidence to to pursue my dream in being a part of the medical, healing community. Not only has the training provided me with a vast amount of knowledge on the human body and how it works so that I can confidently heal others, but it has also connected me to my body and has taught me what it is to be alive and how to keep my temple healthy.

Ross Mogerly

February 2021 Graduate

I feel extremely prepared to start my career and it’s reflected by the professionals I’ve encountered. I’m entering the world of massage with a leg up on people who went to other schools. I’m entering a local spa with a higher wage then their usual entry wage due to the skills I’ve learned at BIMMI being recognized and appreciated and I feel very confident about my abilities to succeed post-graduation.

Caitlyn Wright

July 2020 Graduate

The education provided here is excellent. Our teachers were knowledgeable and experienced, and well capable of transmitting their knowledge to us. They were kind, supportive and always looking out for us in every possible way – academically, practically, and emotionally. You will not regret enrolling in this program. You will learn so much more than you ever thought you would – or could.

Ali Hager

July 2020 Graduate

Prior to enrolling in BIMMI, I was a bit lost in life and which direction I wanted to go in. I knew I wanted to help others. After coming to an open house meeting with Mary, feeling her amazing positive energy, I knew then that this was my calling. After enrolling and going through the process, I have become better in all aspects toward myself and especially in my work toward others. I will always be thankful to Mary and BIMMI for allowing me to answer my calling. I am eternally grateful for this program. 100% necessary to trust the process! Overall, I was incredibly satisfied by all knowledge gained.

Ryan Doyle

July 2020 Graduate

It was apparent why Body in Mind found me as I found it in the past few months. During Covid-19, I would have wanted no one other than Mary Adams leading us in the preparation of the MBLEX while consistently advocating for us as a class to get back into school, and as a profession, to be recognized for our necessity amongst the medical community. Strength and love live behind the doors of Body in Mind Massage Institute. The experience was one I’d recommend to anyone. I feel Body in Mind aptly prepared me for my future with the training they provide. I was seeking a sense of connection through this course. I grew as a person and received more knowledge and applicable skills then I could have ever thought possible. Thank you, Mary and staff, for all you continue to do to provide quality and assurance to those seeking studies in massage therapy.

Malcolm Wagner

July 2020 Graduate

What a life-changing program – I’m not sure my experience could have been improved – Covid and all releasing the outcome of what this was “supposed” to look like, BIMMI continued to deliver everything we sought after in this program, despite the uncertain circumstances. While the hands-on portion was not carried out as anticipated, I am confident that weathering out a pandemic together may be the preparation we did not ask for but need for the future of our careers. Thank you to BIMMI for the flexibility and perseverance through it all. We all see and appreciate your advocacy and efforts. We were able to witness firsthand what it means to be a “leader in the profession” and I am blessed to have been a student here during 2019-2020. I chose Body in Mind’s massage therapy program for the robust adaptation for preparation into the profession. The training undoubtedly prepares and instills the utmost confidence. But more importantly, the teaching and culture of this program are what stand out. I grew immensely in ways I could not have anticipated due to the environment that Mary cultivates here at BIMMI! Massage is a holistic modality, and this journey will catalyze growth in all aspects of your life — body, mind, and soul. If you are open to it, investing in this program is investing in the human experience – for yourself and every life you come in contact with.”

Shakira Bell, July 2020 Graduate

I think if you’re already considering joining a massage therapy program, then BIMMI is the best choice. I’m not being biased when I say that BIMMI is the best. It is the trust. The number of modalities that you learn in the program is amazing. Also, clinic (student) really gives you a chance to have hands-on experiences with real clients with real pathologies while still studying as a student. I wouldn’t change a thing. It’s a great program.

Brittany Engesser

June 2019 Graduate

The program to become a license massage therapist at Body in Mind Massage Institute is worth its weight in gold! Mary and her team truly have the best interest of all their students at heart. We’ve learned an amazing amount over the course of these 600 hours, and I feel condiment I’ve been taught all the skills I need to enter the workforce, and more. Mary instills confidence, knowledge, and compassion in all her students. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for myself and my classmates! Best School Ever!

Jennifer Wickes

December 2019 Graduate

I really enjoyed the class. I learned so much. The practical education and knowledge I received has given me the skills and confidence to become the best massage therapist.