In case you haven’t heard, professional massage therapy is one of the hottest industries out there. The reasons for this are many – but it doesn’t hurt that interest in holistic treatments has skyrocketed in recent years. As more and more people turn to natural, drug-free and surgery-free alternatives, massage therapy has emerged as a powerful form for restoration and maintenance for the body and mind.

It’s not actually a new phenomenon. If you look at the Wikipedia page on massage, you’ll see that the first known evidence of massage therapy dates back more than 4,000 years. As time passed, it became clearer that massage was being used in various settings and geographical areas throughout the world.

But let’s not get too caught up in history lessons here – the point is, massage therapy is hugely popular in the 21st century, and it shows absolutely no signs of slowing down. If you’ve ever had a truly skillful massage, you understand exactly why. There are many ways to release neuromuscular tension from the body, including exercise routines like yoga and Pilates. But a dedicated pair of hands working out your muscular tension is another experience altogether. It truly is possible to achieve a deep, healing state – both during the massage itself, and for days afterward.

All of this highlights the fact that massage therapy is a viable industry and a highly intelligent career choice for those who have the aptitude and the passion. You might be someone who has been thinking about training in massage therapy for some time now, and you’re look for the best school or program to attend. Or, the idea of becoming a massage therapist may have only just crossed your mind – and you’re wondering if it really could the path you want to take. Either way, let’s take a look at three simple reasons why being a massage therapist is great.

1. You get to help people

This is a simple reason, but a good one! The direct connection you’ll have with your clients is satisfying, especially as you help them to achieve a more optimal state of health and wellness.

2. You can get a job almost anywhere

Whether you want to go out on your own as an independent therapist and build a list of dedicated clients, or whether you want to join a spa or hotel and commit your services to a team – the possibilities are endless. Highly-trained massage therapists are very often able to find as much work as they want – and thanks to the increasing demand, therapists can often find work in a new city if they wish.

3. It keeps you tuned to your own health and wellbeing

Professional massage therapists help many people get healthier on a day-to-day basis. As a result, they’re often more in tune with their own health and wellness. An added benefit is that therapists are always collaborating and trading information on various wellness practices. For many people, being a massage therapist is a great way to maintain their own health and fitness.

The quality of your training is hugely important

Embarking on a new career path is exciting – especially a career path that has so much promise in the years to come. The massage therapy course you choose will lay the groundwork for your technical ability and knowledge as a therapist – not to mention your business acumen. Look for a school that goes above and beyond the minimum and leaves you well-prepared for the realities of the industry; that’s the very best thing you can do to optimize your chances of long-term success!

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