Finding a career that’s both personally and financially rewarding is among the most important pursuits in life. People dedicate a lot of time and money to finding the right career – and these days, it’s really not uncommon to see people making a mid-career switch. There are a lot of career options out there, and it’s not realistic to expect everyone to pursue the same career for their entire life.

Whether you’re just entering the workforce and wondering what field to enter, or you’ve worked for twenty years and are looking for a fresh start, massage therapy is a noteworthy option. In this blog post, we look at 5 big reasons to start a career in massage therapy. It may not be the only option out there, but it certainly is one of the most exciting!

1. The industry is booming

Massage therapy is one of the most quickly-growing industries out there. In other words, business is booming. There are several reasons for this, but one of the most notable is the fact that increasing numbers of people are turning toward drug-free and surgery-free ways to improve their health and wellness. The physical and mental benefits of massage therapy are better understood with each passing year – and as much people realize the value of quality treatment sessions, the demand for talented therapists will continue to rise.

2. Improve mental and physical health

Administering massage treatments requires focus and physical fitness. The job can be physically demanding, but therapists usually settle into a groove and become a little stronger with every treatment. Taking care of your own health is important as a therapist, and many therapists lose weight and clean up their lifestyles in order to better perform their jobs.

3. Help people directly

So much of the work being done today involves admin work, screens, emails, keyboards. That’s fine for some people, but others get tired of it. They want to do something that will have an immediate and tangible effect. Massage therapy can play that role by allowing you to be a force for good in people’s lives.

4. Get away from computer screens

Being a professional massage therapist doesn’t mean you’ll never have to do any admin work, but it’s definitely not the main thing you’ll be doing every day. Some people like working in front of a computer all day, although the health challenges are becoming more obvious, and many people tend to get worn out in office settings. Massage therapy takes you out of the office and into a health and wellness practice that makes a profound difference for your clients!

5. Meet new people

A career in massage therapy is a great way to meet new people and expand your network. If you’re a “people person” and you enjoy seeing new faces every day, working as a massage therapist is a great way to do that. There are also no shortage of wonderful, skilled and talented people who are also massage therapists. You’ll have great networking opportunities whether you work independently or as part of a team.

Are you ready to take the first step towards becoming a skilled and talented massage therapy specialist? Find a reputable massage school in your area and make contact today. You might be surprised by what you find out!

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