Stress. We’re all living it at the moment in some form or another, particular as isolation takes hold, jobs are lost, and children are home for weeks on end. Not to mention those who are working on the frontline, on their feet all day and night in hospitals; or staff at the local supermarket working extra hours to provide enough toilet paper for the world. And as this period of 2020 continues to grip us, we’re all in need of a little extra TLC.

Health Benefits Of A Foot Massage

A massage is a great way to relax, no matter where you’re getting it on your body, but there’s nothing quite like a good foot massage at the end of a hectic day to make you feel relaxed and ready for sleep. Foot massages not only feel good, but they also have many health benefits.

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  1. Improves circulation: if you’re sitting down or standing for a long time, the blood flow to your feet won’t be circulating properly. A foot massage helps with the blood flow, transporting oxygen through the cells of the body.
  2. Relaxing and sleep-promoting: The feet tend to swell up at the end of a hard day. A foot massage and an increase in blood circulation before bed can not only help you relax; it can also help you sleep better.
  3. Helps relieve body pain: If you are experiencing headaches and migraines, neck pain, or back pain; a foot massage (or reflexology) can assist.
  4. Fights depression and anxiety: It is believed that various points on your feet are connected to internal parts of your body. Massaging these points can assist in alleviating symptoms of depression and anxiety.
  5. Healthy feet: A foot massage is a great way to have healthy feet. It starts by stimulating the muscles around the foot, reducing any stiffness and assisting with pain and inflammation. If you suffer from fluid retention, particularly during pregnancy, a foot massage can also help reduce the effects of this.

There are two main types of massage for your feet: relaxation massage and reflexology.

Relaxation Massage

A relaxation massage is simply based on making you feel good after a tough day on your feet. It’s a light massage that includes oil or lotion, with the massage therapist holding the foot with both hands. They’ll rub the top of your foot, underneath, your toes and even your ankles. It can help you to alleviate pain in your feet and reduce overall tension.


Reflexology uses targeted pressure points to restore the flow of energy throughout your body. It’s based on the premise that all different areas of the foot – the toes, heel, ball, in fact, all parts of the foot are believed to link to another part of the body. And by kneading these areas, pulling on them, tracing around them and pushing into them, reflexology is designed to target all organs throughout the entire body, alleviating various illnesses and ailments. It can also cleanse the body of toxins, boost the immune system and balance your body’s energy.

Even just five minutes a day spent caring for your feet can enhance your general health. If you’re interested in studying reflexology or foot massage, we can help. Or if you’re looking for a quality foot massage for an affordable price, get in touch.

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