1. Make contact with client, breath, relax, ask client to take a deep breath, begin.
  2. Sweep hands from under chin, moving superiorly over cheeks, then across forehead. 3X
  3. Sweep hands across forehead, smoothing frontalis, L to Right & back. 3X
  4. Fingertips meet client’s eyebrows & sweep up to the hair line, make your way across frontalis, hand over hand. 3X
  5. Acupressure on Saggital plane, from 3d eye Chakra. Thumb over thumb, press in moving an inch at a time to where the head meets table. 1X
  6. Acupressure center of each eyebrow, then same as above. 1X
  7. Using full contact thumbs, sweep from center of forehead out towards temples. 1X.
  8. Index finger on inner canthus of the eye, lean back, acupressure, then slide index fingers downward, tracing circles around orbicularis oculi. 3X
  9. Index finger on inner canthus of eye, lean back, acupressure then slide index fingers down bilateral nasalis, then accupressure nostrils laterally.
  10. 4 fingerpads press upward along inferior zygomatic arch, medial to lateral, inch by inch to TMJ then circles around TMJ 3X.
  11. Massage masseter, 3-6 x then slide phalanges to mentalis, palpate along jaw line, medial to superior, then up towards sphenoid & light finger circles.
  12. Massage temporalis.
  13. Massage ear lobes.
  14. Stretch ears lobes.
  15. Shampoo scalp.
  16. Turn head to one side. Acupressure mastoid process. Avoid styloid process.
  17. From mastoid process to external occipital protuberance & back, circular friction soft tissue between superior and inferior nuchal lines, along occipital ridge. 1X
  18. Turn head to center then to other side slowly & Repeat #17.
  19. Return head to center, Shampoo scalp. Hook first 2 phalanges in soft tissue of mastoid process, lean back, stretch neck for occipital release.
  20. Lateral neck stretches w/crossed hands: right hand on right side of cranium/left hand on right shoulder to stabilize, gently push their head toward their shoulder, to stretch scalenes & SCM. 1X / 8-10 seconds. Repeat other side.
  21. Occipital Release (same as 19.)
  22. Turn head to one side, ready lotion/cream, effleurage SCM & scalenes, from just inferior to the jaw line, your four fingers facing client’s midline on SCM, glide inferiorly then laterally, around deltoid, around upper trapezius and up the neck. One sweeping effleurage at least 3 X. Repeat other side.
  23. Milk the neck from C7 up to hair line with full hands in a C, hand over hand, using lite compression with each glide. 3-6X.
  24. Undrape inferiorly couple inches to access superior pectoralis major & minor. Allow fingertips to meet at sternum, lean gently into soft tissue of superior pectoralis major & minor & subclavius, effleurage laterally around deltoid, upper traps, up neck in one sweeping effleurage. 3X
  25. Milk trapezius first one side then the other, using one hand or two, 3-6X.
  26. Effleurage sweeping bilaterally down SCM, Scalenes, Pecs, around Deltoid and traps and up the posterior neck. X3 .
  27. Occipital Release.
  28. FINALLY: gently push shoulders away, transition to stand, redrape pecs, transition to right arm, SMILE.
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