Over 250 million years ago, salty remnants of the Primal Sea where all life began settled into geological pockets of rock buried deep beneath the towering Himalayan peaks in Pakistan. This Himalayan salt has been mined by hand from salt caves located in the foothills of these mountain ranges for many centuries.

Renowned within Eastern medicine for its healing properties, people would often visit these salt caves to find relief from a variety of health issues. Characterized by its pinkish hues, Himalayan Sea salt contains up to 98% sodium chloride, as well as calcium, magnesium, potassium, manganese, iron, and many other natural minerals.

Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

It wasn’t until much more recently that this natural pink salt finally made its way to the West.

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But now that it has, Himalayan salt is used in everything, from heated salt lamps to replacing table salt, as well as for innovative healing through salt stone therapies.

When used during massage, Himalayan salt stones provide many unique therapeutic and healing benefits. Pink Himalayan salt crystals are carved into stones by hand, which are then heated and applied to the body with pressure during massage therapy. This releases the essential minerals within the heated Himalayan stones which deeply penetrate the skin, joints, and muscle tissue.

Benefits Of Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

As it combines the philosophies of Eastern Medicine with the modalities of thermal, salt, and massage therapies, there are unsurprisingly many benefits of a Himalayan salt stone massage for both the body and the mind. The Himalayan salt stone massage is a special treatment that is perfect for anybody who suffers from mental stress or physical aches and pains.

This blended therapeutic massage with Himalayan salt stones can be used to signal the body to decrease the levels of stress while simultaneously increasing the feeling of relaxation. This relaxing effect helps to relieve feelings of anxiety which helps promote deeper and more rejuvenating sleep each night.

By soothing tensions and taking away all negativity, massage therapies that utilize warm Himalayan salt crystals also create a heightened sense of positivity and well-being overall. Additionally, the naturally rough properties of Himalayan salt stones also help by gently exfoliating which promotes naturally smoother and silkier skin.

And as Himalayan salt stones are used while warm, the heat also helps to loosen up your muscles. This ensures your therapist will be able to release the tension from any pain points or problem areas much more easily. Some of the other benefits of Himalayan salt stone massage may also include relief from joint or muscle pain, reduced blood pressure levels, and a more balanced central nervous system.

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In the fast-paced, digital world of today, society often leaves us feeling stressed, worn out, and overwhelmed. This is why relaxation and rejuvenation are so fundamental to our overall health and general well-being. By allowing ourselves to take time out and look after our personal needs, we tend to perform better in all areas of our lives, mentally, physically, and spiritually. By pampering yourself with a Himalayan salt massage, you can let the warmth of these ancient stones melt all of your tensions and troubles away.

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