There are a lot of possible sources of funding especially because massage is an in-demand profession. There simply aren’t enough massage therapists right now, at least in the state of New Jersey, for all of the massage jobs that are available. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics and its most recent study listed massage as an increasingly in demand profession over the next couple of years.

As a result of that, there is grant money that is available though One-Stop Career Centers in your local County. You would call that One-Stop Career Center and right now they are not seeing people in person but you need to make an appointment or be screened over the phone to see if you would qualify for a grant to be trained to become a massage therapist. In some cases, those grants are providing from 5000 to 7000 dollars towards your education as a massage therapist. It’s a worthwhile phone call to make to see if you would qualify.

In addition to that we, as a massage school, offer generous no interest payment plan options for our students. If you are students in our six-month full-time day class we allow you to break up the tuition payments into six equal payments over that six months, due the first of each month. If you are a student in our part-time 10 month night class, we allow you to break up those tuition payments into ten even payments making your tuition much more affordable for you and much more palatable to say “Yes! I would like to answer the calling to become a massage therapist.”

If either of those options don’t work for you there are still other options. One is a student loan that you can receive through our school. We partner with the finance company that has been partnering with private career schools for many years. I think they’re in business 20 years and have a phenomenal reputation as a finance partner offering low-interest loans to students who want to be trained in careers. In the case of a student loan like that the fairly low somewhere between 9.9% and 18.9% and it is something you would need to qualify for just like a car loan. You would need employment and the proof to show that you can repay the loan and in those cases those loan payments wouldn’t start until four to six weeks into your massage training program.

Because massages in such great demand the two major massage franchises in the United States are really looking for partners in massage schools to help them with finding good talent to work in those franchise spas. Both Massage Envy Spa and Hand and Stone Massage and Facial Spa do offer tuition reimbursement programs to those licensed therapist that they hire. In addition to that Massage Envy, depending upon the franchise owner, will offer generous sponsorship programs where they would sponsor you through your training program.

If you need some more options some of those options could be being hired as a massage spa attendant at one of the franchises while you’re working through your training program here and we connect you with those job opportunities. There are a lot of options for you to consider think about how to pay for massage school that make it a lot more palatable and we are willing to work with you on all of those options to see what you might qualify for. Give us a call at 732-608-7781 we would be glad to send you everything that I just talked to you about in an email format that you could review or you could review it on our website.

One more thing I’d like to mention is that once you are enrolled and massage school our industry professions – the ABMP and the AMTA as well as some other industry leaders offer scholarships and we make sure we enroll all of are actively enrolled students into the scholarship pools in hopes that someone could win one of those scholarships. So please don’t let cost be a factor in your moving forward to answer the calling to be a healing artist because the world needs more of the healing power of touch – it’s needed more now than ever. We’re here to help.

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