Every advertisement and every web page out there is trying to tell you that you should capitalize on this opportunity. This is your chance to get ahead, to do something for yourself. Whether it’s a product or an education program, this message of opportunity is constantly reaching our ears.

It’s even more noticeable when we hear about educational opportunities, because these are the things that really speak to our hopes and dreams. Maybe it’s the goal of making a better income, or maybe it’s the desire to do something we’ve always wanted to do. In a perfect scenario, it’s both at the same time. The opportunity to make a great living doing something you love is a noble thing to pursue, and educational institutions all over the world are trying to tell you that they’ll do just that.

This is especially true in the world of professional massage therapy. Why? Because it’s one of those professionals that so many people want to do, but for some reason are afraid to embark on this new career. There are a lot of different massage schools out there, all of them vying for new students.

As a prospective massage therapist, the question you really need to ask is this: Which massage therapy school will actually prepare me for success in the real world? Which school will give me a full set of skills – technical, interpersonal, and administrative – to succeed as a professional massage therapist?

The answer may not seem visible right away ­– but if you do a little digging, it will become apparent.

The better schools have glowing recommendations coming from former students and others in the industry. That’s because they’ve instilled a full set of skills into their students, and haven’t cut any corners during training. Some massage therapy schools just want as many enrollments as they can get – they’re not really focused on creating successful massage therapists who thrive financially and love their careers. They’re only looking at a short-term profit. Obviously, these are the kinds of schools you want to avoid.

But how do you know which massage therapists are legit? Again, reviews and recommendations are a big one. But that’s not the only thing you should be paying attention to. A school’s web site and physical offices/classrooms are another important aspect. Case in point: You should never enroll in a massage therapy school without visiting the classroom, talking to the instructions, asking questions, and seeing for yourself how the curriculum is handled. This is how you get a real sense of the school, its students, and the level of professional success that the school expects of those students.

Finding a great massage therapy school may take some digging, and you might have to visit several schools in your area to find the right one. But when you do, it will pay off in the long run. You’ll be enrolled in a legitimate school that gives you the real-world tools you need to live your dream as a successful massage therapist.

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