We’re speaking to students and potential students currently to enroll for our September 9th start of our program. There is a lot of question in a lot of people’s minds about how safe it is to be in massage school right now with everything happening during this covid-19 pandemic. We, as a private Career School accredited by the New Jersey Department of Education and the Department of Labor and Workforce Development received approval back in March to switch our lecture portion of our program to online learning to zoom classes and we immediately transitioned.

March 16th we had to close the school and leave the school and it took us a week to set up everything we needed to to keep our current students engaged through Zoom learning distance learning. It worked! We kept 100% of our students actively involved through our zoom classes by modifying the hours that we would spend online together, by modifying the way that they could turn in homework, modifying the way that testing could be done through Google classroom and utilizing all the many resources that became available to us so that we could keep our current students actively involved, learning and engaged during the covid-19 quarantine.

Thankfully the Department of Education has continued that approval and so for our September 9th start for our new programs we are looking at and probably going to be incorporating a hybrid learning approach. The lecture portion of the program could be done with you seated comfortably at home on your computer, with us being together on the computer through a zoom platform, and then coming into the school, for our Hands-On portion of our learning, which we can consolidate the hours for that. We won’t need to spend as many hours here together and allay of the fears hopefully all of the fears that people might have about being together.

Even when we are together at school we will be wearing now face coverings just like this one or any other type that you want to use. We also have face coverings here for anybody that needs them or if should you forget yours at home when you’re coming to the school. We have face coverings here each and every room has hand sanitizers so that you won’t have to worry about that. In order for you to enter the school your temperature would be taken. All staff and you are encouraged to hand-wash very frequently and keep the school as clean and safe and sanitary as possible.

Additional me each and every room have a HEPA quality air filter in it especially the classroom. We make sure that we’ll be doing our part to keep our social distance even while we’re in our massage program and that includes wearing our masks while giving massages, practicing techniques on each other, both giver and receiver will wear masks as well as the instructor.

The only time you won’t have to wear a mask is when you’re face down on the massage table. I know are out there working already or maintaining nose safe and sanitary practices and they have reached out to us in the last couple of weeks to thank us for the training that they received here that truly prepared them state of our world today. We hope this covid-19 pandemic doesn’t last much longer but while it is affecting all of us we will make sure that Body In Mind Massage Institute keeps all of our students safe and well.

We’ll be starting our program September 9th will start with a hybrid approach to learning and as we move forward and as things improve in our world we can morph into whatever way of training we might need to we have that flexibility as a small family owned and run private Career School. We’re proud of our school and of what we teach our students. We’re proud of our alumni and we are proud to continue to offer some of the finest training in massage therapy in the state of New Jersey. We hope you’ll join us and start the program in September. Please feel free to call us we’re here to help you start your journey as a healing artist. Have a beautiful, healthy and blessed day.

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