I hope you are well and staying safe during this COVID-19 PANDEMIC! What a crazy time in our world!

Certainly now, more than ever, we all need to be certain we are practicing what I like to call “extreme self-care.” From my lifetime of experience on my own wellness journey, I have learned that if we are not maintaining balance in all areas of our life, it can upset all our body systems, creating stress, which has a trickle-down effect and only creates havoc in our bodies, minds and spirits. The body-mind-spirit connection is real, and scientifically proven now more in recent years than ever before.

As a New Jersey Massage School and Spa, offering both student and professional massage therapy to clients, we have seen first hand how important it is for not only ourselves but our clients to maintain their wellness by not only receiving their frequent massage services, but also practicing their own self-care in between sessions.

(from left to right) Brandon, Jessica, Caitlyn, Malcolm, Vinnie, Matt, Lindsay, Ashley, Kristina, Ali, Ryan and Alex

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we had to close the school March 17th, furlough staff and move to online/distance-learning for our massage school students, so it has been quite a busy and challenging time. We are remaining confident and hopeful that we will be back up and running at the facility when this crisis passes, and the State of NJ dictates that it is safe to reopen.
No doubt non-essential services are on hold right now for everyone, and self-care is more essential than ever. So what can you do to be certain you are taking care of yourself, so you can take care of your families, and stay in balance while under quarantine? We asked our Students to help inspire you.

INSPIRATIONAL VIDEOS by our Students on Self-Care during the Quarantine

As Massage Students in our beautiful New Jersey Massage School in Toms River, NJ, during a worldwide medical pandemic, we feel it is an important part of our social responsibility to help inspire people to maintain their self-care during this extraordinarily stressful time in our world’s history. Especially since you cannot go about your normal routines of receiving massage, getting your nails done, going out to dinner at your favorite restaurant, working out at the gym, participating in a Yoga class, etc. We know many of our clients are truly missing our Student Clinics where they receive wonderful professional massages by our awesome student massage therapists and are truly in need of kinesthetic input as well as activities to balance their own body-mind-spirit connection.

(from left to right) Shakira, Iris, Rebecca and Max
As medical professionals in-training, we know that maintaining some semblance of “normalcy” and devoting oneself to “extreme self-care” practices during a time of extreme duress – like the world is in – will help you come through this crisis with a little less stress and the ability to recover from the trauma a little more easily.

At Body in Mind Massage Institute, our students have committed to their own “Self-Care” practices as part of their professional development. Those practices can include any activity they enjoy, that helps them unwind, destress let go of the world – maintain their “balance” – their “homeostasis.”

We have asked our wonderful students to share that self-care practice with YOU, in hopes that they will pick your Spirits up – even a little – and perhaps even inspire you to start a new hobby, activity or self-care practice to help you through this unprecedented time in our world history.

Stay Tuned For More Self Care Inspiration Videos!

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Perhaps you will become inspired and even share their wonderful videos with others. After all, we are all ONE. Let’s help each other get to the other side of this Global Pandemic by providing positive and encouraging words, actions, kindnesses and inspirations.

We will come through this time and we will all evolve as a result of this experience.

Enjoy our one- to five-minute videos by our students and feel free to like them and share them!

May God Bless You and your families, and keep you safe and healthy.


Wishing you a Happy, Healthy and Blessed Day!

Mary H. Adams, LMT, CMT, CYT
Phoenix Wellness Institute, LLC
Dba Body in Mind Massage Institute

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