Massage benefits and use date back to the ancient Chinese medicine. To this day, massage therapies are used to treat several physical conditions such as tensed muscles, regulation of blood pressure, diabetes, weight loss, chronic pain among many others. As much massage therapies are beneficial to the body, they come with their bits of disadvantages, risks and side effects. Not all massages go as expected, as some unexpected things may happen during and after a massage. This article looks at exactly that.

  • Bone Fracture

Massage involves manipulation that is performed by the use of palms, fingers, and elbow. Massage, especially deep tissue massage is performed by applying steady but sustained pressure on the area of focus. Although rare, an inexperienced massage therapist may use the wrong amount of pressure on the area of focus and end up injuring the bones.

However, this happens only if the patient had bone disease or physical injury that affected the bones. For this reason, it is important to disclose all the underlying issues with your health. To avoid bone fractures, do not have a massage therapy if you have an issue with your bones.

  • Falling Off The Massage Bed

Bodily injuries are not the only eventualities that can happen during a massage. At times, the patient can feel discomfort or pain and when they are trying to turn, they fall off the massage bed. Falling off a massage bed can also be dangerous since the patient can sustain serious physical injuries. Often, a patient falling off a massage bed is because of an inexperienced therapist causing sudden pain and discomfort to the patient. That being the case, therefore, it is advisable to let the therapist know when you experience pain during a massage.

  • Allergic Reactions

Most massages rely on the use of massage oils to help lubricate the body to avoid blistering the skin due to friction. Often, the massage oils are flavored with ingredients that contain healing properties. Unfortunately, some patients are allergic to such flavors so they end up with serious allergic reactions. To avoid such allergic reactions, come with your own massage oil or inform the massage therapist of your underlying allergies. The most unfortunate thing about allergies after a massage therapy is that they destroy the whole experience even if the therapist performed exemplary. Since you do not want to end up seeking medication or treatment for allergies right after a massage experience, be sure to give your therapist a heads up about your condition.

  • Tissue Tear

As much as massage oil is used to reduce friction and prevent you from tissue tears, the therapist may apply excessive pressure and end up tearing the tissues around the area of focus. Tissue tears, especially muscle tears, result in debilitating pains and can even affect your mobility. Again, ensure to speak up and resist further manipulation if you happen to feel something odd during the session.

  • Bad Experience

We all expect a massage therapy session to be fun and relieving. It is this expectation that could make some people not have the results they were looking for. On the other hand, a therapist could be inexperienced and end up causing you so much discomfort coupled with some injuries. If something went wrong during a massage therapy, the whole experience becomes bad. This is regardless of everything else going just fine. Experts advise that for you to have a great experience during and after a massage therapy, you should practice utmost honesty with your therapist.

  • Blood Clots

Since massage therapies rely on sustained increased pressure to target the deep tissues, the same pressure can be detrimental to your health. For example, excessive use of pressure around the neck area can result in blood clots due to ruptured blood vessels. These can be very dangerous since they can even cause death. Experts advise that you should keep away from massage therapies if you have an issue with your blood vessels. Also, ensure to speak up when you experience pain during the massage.

Since some of the most adverse eventualities during and after a massage are because of the inexperience of the therapist, it is important to look for a great therapist. You cannot tell a good massage therapist unless you have experience working with them. However, you can have a clue if someone is good at their work by checking for their certification and customer reviews and ratings. To avoid other issues experienced during and after a massage, like allergies, be sure to let your therapist know your situation.

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