A full body massage is one that is performed on the whole body, usually uncovered. It is only the areas of focus that are uncovered while the rest of the body is draped in a clean white cloth. During the massage, you lie on your stomach on a flat table while the therapist works on the focus areas. You can have one type of massage or have two or more types together, depending on what you strive to achieve from the massage therapy.

Candidates for Full Body Massage

Everyone is an eligible candidate for a full body massage unless your doctor advises you otherwise. It does not have age and weight limitations. It is worth noting that pregnant women cannot have full body massage in their first trimester because at this stage chances of miscarriage are very high.  It is advisable that if you are on medication or your doctor has advised against it, that you do not have the massage. The therapist will first look at your health history to ascertain that you really are eligible.

Massage Therapist

A massage therapist is someone who has been highly trained, has had their credentials verified and cleared and are members of the Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals (ABMP). This is a requirement for every massage practitioner in order to screen the rogue massage therapists who use this platform for negative purposes. These individuals make full body massage look like a non-ethical profession. In addition to requirements by the ABMP, several states have extra codes of conduct to be adhered to by practitioners.

The bodywork is performed from the neck, shoulders, the arms, and back, going all the way down to the legs. You are going to discuss with your therapist what part of your body they are going to concentrate on. It is important to note that there has been a controversial discussion on whether full body massage does involve touching of the genitals. The laid down code of conduct among practitioners prohibits them from touching the genitalia among both women and men, and breasts among women. The therapist should step out of the room to allow you to undress and come later to find you lying on your stomach draped in a clean white cloth.

In many cases, Swedish massage is used. This entails application of little pressure strokes on the areas of focus a first, then increasing pressure and deep strokes later in the session. It starts from the shoulders, then arms, the back, all the way to the legs. The therapist usually pays more attention to parts that have muscular pains. The therapist can perform the massage using their palms, their elbows or hot stones. They apply some essential oils that soften the skin to prevent excessive friction that could cause abrasions on the skin. The hot stones help to release tension and rigidity in injured areas thus relieving you of the inflammation and muscular pains.

Benefits of a Full Body Massage

Full body massage helps to cure muscular pains in joints. It also helps in relaxation and elevation of moods since it is performed a room that is themed in a relaxing mode environment. It is used for curing injuries among sportsmen and increases their fitness for the game. It is also used to cure some physical conditions such as arthritis. If a muscle has a lot of rigidity, its tissues become so rigid, causing inflammation in that particular area. This inflammation causes pain, a condition known as arthritis. In addition, chiropractors or osteopaths can recommend full body massage as a way of curing deep tissue injuries.

Insurance Coverage

Most insurance providers do not cover full body massage; reason being that it is for luxury. This should not prevent you from having one as a 1-hour session goes from $50 to $90. An insurer provider may cover full body massage if a chiropractor or an osteopath recommends it.

Full body massage and bodywork practitioners are so many and you can find them by searching online. It is important to carefully research their rating and review so that you do not fall in the hands of some rogue unlicensed massage therapists that may not offer the best possible experience. You are at liberty to say the parts of the body you are not comfortable being touched and those that you are not comfortable exposing. This will help you get a much better experience that is smooth and without any issues.

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