Massage therapy is a booming business, and for good reason. The health benefits are well-documented (both physical and mental), and a good therapy session is a deeply restorative experience. But the popularity of massage therapy these days means that you, the patient, have a lot of different options for your next treatment. An hour long therapy session costs a reasonable amount of money in most areas, so you want to make sure you choose wisely and the most out of your budget.

That’s why it helps to know about some of the basic characteristics of outstanding massage therapy clinics. When you know what to look for (and what to avoid), you maximize your chances of receiving the quality treatment you need and deserve.

1. The right training

You might think that all massage therapist received the same level of training, but the reality is actually quite different. Depending on where you live, there might be dozens of massage therapy schools and courses available. Each state has its own minimum requirements for certification as a massage therapist, but the better schools will always go above and beyond these minimum requirements. Knowing where your massage therapist has trained, and whether or not they are committed to continuing education, is a good indicator of what level of treatment you can expect. Outstanding massage therapy clinics always

2. Good personality

Of course, it’s not all about training and technical ability. If a massage therapy clinic doesn’t have people with great personality, it simply can’t be an outstanding clinic. A big part of massage therapy is communication, as well as the personal connection you feel with your therapist. That’s why the best clinics always retain therapists with warm personalities and good communication skills. You can have all the training in the world, but personality is worth a lot in the world of massage therapy.

3. Pleasant and professional surroundings

If you’ve had massage therapy treatments at several different clinics, you’re aware of the differences in terms of the ambiance and setting. Obviously, you’d rather have a really skilled therapist working on you than a clean and modern office – but it’s always better when you can have both. Pleasant surroundings increase feelings relaxation, and build confidence in the expertise and professionalism of the clinic. Outstanding clinics always pay close attention to the cleanliness and overall ambiance of reception, treatment rooms, and restrooms.

You have a choice!

Unfortunately, there are cases in which a massage therapy treatment falls short of the client’s expectations. Often times, this is because the client simply did not choose an outstanding clinic. But with the popularity of massage therapy these days, and with all the different choices available, there’s no reason to settle. And if you do have a therapy session that isn’t everything you hoped for, don’t give up – there are better options out there. When you find a clinic that puts together all the elements of a great treatment, you’ll know it – and you’re much more likely to book another treatment for all the health and relaxation benefits it provides.

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