Clinical Aromatherapy – Essential Oil Class

Essential oils and aromatherapy have proven to be effective in helping the symptoms of a multitude of issues. However…did you know that ingesting a single drop of peppermint oil is the equivalent of drinking 28 cups of peppermint tea? Would you like to learn about the safety of the oils, their shelf lives, the dilution percentages you should be using in your blends, which oils are safe for children, the chemical components of the oils, how to make chemical free cleaning products, how your lymphatic system helps with a variety of symptoms, and more, in one 4 hour class?

Join us for a “hands on” course. You will make your own “Poo Pourri” knock off, a cleaning blend for your studio or kitchen, an inhaler which you will individualize, and a roller ball for you to carry in your purse.

This class will be taught by Kathleen Higgins who has her Masters’ Degree in Holistic Arts and Healing and is a Certified Aromatherapist.

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Presented by Kathleen Higgins, Certified Clinical Aromatherapist
4 CEs for LMTs.
$75 per person; Registration & payment ; Materials fees of $25 payable to Instructor at start of class

Late registration fee if space allows = $100; Materials fees of $25 payable to instructor at start of class


“The staff is always such a pleasure. This was my first CE class w/Body in Mind Massage Institute and I am so happy I chose this school for my CE’s. I love love love this place.”
– Roseanne S.

“Experience was amazing. Learned a lot and enjoy every moment.”
– Jessica Torres

“Awesome highlights of key points to begin using essential oils to practice. Can’t wait to start applying this knowledge to my own creative juices. Thanks for debunking so many things I thought to be true about oils!”
– Alexandra VonBriel

“Kathy is hilarious! Very educated and informative. Very unbiased. Learned so much more about oils and clarified what I previously knew coming in. I love all the courses Body in Mind Massage Institute offers! There is a wide variety and all very fun and help me progress and personalize my future profession.”
– Kristina Marrufo-Goforth

“Great work, Kathy’s personality made the experience delightful and scent-sational! What a great atmosphere!” – Ryan Doyle

“Very informative! It has been an amazing experience, lots of information, I am glad we have learned many different modalities.” – Ali Hager

“Kathleen had good energy while teaching out class and kept good humor as well… smiles and laughs throughout the classroom.” – Michelle Phillips

“I really got a lot out of the class. It was very interesting, and I plan on using this in my practice. This is my first time here. I was very happy with my experience. Everyone was very welcoming and I learned a lot.” – Lisa Armstrong

“I really enjoyed this class! I had zero knowledge about aromatherapy and now I can take away all of this information and use it every day. I love it here! One of that first schools that I have fun in and enjoy learning!” – Brandon Reyes

“Fun! Kathy was sweet, funny and very informative! I had a blast in the essential oil class! I learned, laughed and made some really good smelling products!” – Lindsay Rotsma

“The facility & staff were great. It’s a very comfortable environment space. Looking forward to the next CE class.” Danielle D.

“I loved how the class was small and consisted of 8 people. This allowed the instructor to focus and help each therapist. Cheryl was an incredible instructor with lots of knowledge of the industry. I feel lucky to have taken this class.” Cassandra M.

“It was an excellent training. Cheryl is great explained and answers all my questions. I can not wait to tell others about this training with Cheryl. ” Hilda H.

“My overall experience with Cheryl was great. She is straight to the point and filled with amazing information. Thank You for the teaching me, I will forever remember you.” Adjhanys V.

“Staff was very friendly –facility was well kept. I would recommend here for massage school or CE classes.” Christopher H.

“This was an amazing experience and I look forward to utilizing everything I learned. Cheryl is awesome-I loved this class!” Jennifer P.

“The staff is always such a pleasure. This was my first CE class w/Body in Mind Massage Institute and I am so happy I chose this school for my CE’s. I love love love this place.” Roseanne S.

“This class was fantastic. Kathy made aromatherapy so interesting to someone who had no idea. I will definitely be back for other CE Courses at Body in Mind.” Talia Z.

“The facility and space was a great size and fit for all. Clean, bright and airy. I would absolutely come back to this facility for CE classes.” Elizabeth H

“Very nice place to do CE classes!” Kathy W.

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