Cupping Level 2 (Facial and Abdominal Cupping)

Toms River Campus – April 19, 2024 • 9am-6pm | September 12, 2024 9am-6pm

Presented by Jim Earley, LMT

Cupping Level 2 will explore Facial Cupping and Abdominal Cupping and a brief demonstration of Range of Motion Cupping and release techniques (pin and release with cups). Facial Cupping will cover the watershed area to help with lymph drainage on the face, neck and clavicular area. Also covered in Facial Cupping will be cupping for sinus issues as well as for TMJ/ grinding teeth. We will also cover rejuvenation cupping or face-lifting for increased circulation in the face to help with blood circulation, collagen production and smoothing wrinkles in the skin.

Abdominal Cupping will explore abdominal cupping to help with such issues as: acid reflux, IBS, constipation, c-section scarring, irregular and painful periods. Great for massage therapists and estheticians! No prerequisite necessary. Come join us for an educational, hands-on class!

This class is open to all, with proof of liability insurance.

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  • Presented by Jim Earley, Michael Phelps massage therapist, Olympic Team Sports Massage master
  • 8 CEs for LMTs
  • $225 per person; Registration & payment received one week in advance of class date
  • Includes facial/abdominal silicone cupping set
  • Late registration fee afterward, 2024 if space allows = $250
  • Does Not Include: sheets or oil/cream/lotion. Can be purchased separately in our retail shop if in stock or you can bring your set if you already have one