Advanced Cupping Range of Motion Static

Toms River Campus: May 17, 2024 • 9AM-6PM

Presented by Jim Earley, LMT


Advanced Cupping Range of Motion Static (or Cupping with Release) will replicate Pin and Stretch, Pin and Release or ART with cups.

Cups will be placed on various areas of the body and then put the various muscle groups through range of motion. This will allow a deeper release of the stagnation and inflammation. This allows the client to experience a deeper release and relief from pain.

We will be performing these techniques on various muscle groups on the upper and lower body, such as traps, rhomboids, lats, pectorals, quadratus lumborum, SI area, glute medius, hamstring, gastroc, soleus, tibialis anterior, quadriceps, TFL, biceps, triceps, upper traps, scalenes, SCM, wrist flexors and extensors.

The class is very participative.

This class is open to all bodywork professionals, with proof of liability insurance.

PREREQUISITE: Cupping 1 – you must have your own cupping set. If you need to buy a cupping set, please let us know a week in advance — instructor will provide but you will pay the cost to him at the start of class so you must bring cash to do so.

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  • Presented by Jim Earley, LMT, Michael Phelps massage therapist, Olympic Team Sports Massage master
  • 8 CEs for LMTs
  • $225 per person; Registration & payment received one week in advance of class date
  • Does Not Include: sheets or oil/cream/lotion or cupping set. Items can be purchased separately in our retail shop or you can bring your set if you already have one