Scar Tissue Therapy


Presented by William F. Burton, LMT

What many people, therapist and clients alike, don’t realize is the impact scar tissue can have on their bodies; on the surface, superficial, and/or deep. Other than if infected, health professionals have generally overlooked the physiological and psychological effects scar tissue can have on a person. But now, as massage therapy and manual bodywork is coming more to the forefront in the healthcare world, it is now becoming clearer the restrictions this soft tissue dysfunction can have on not only the muscles but also fascia, nerve pathways, circulatory pathways, lymph flow etc. which thus becomes the catalyst of many of our chronic conditions.

In this course we will learn what Scar Tissue is and how it is formed; learning both the good side of scar tissue along with the bad side. Looking at the soft tissue dysfunctions we will see where scar tissue falls in line with the healing process and if left untreated how it forms into more of a stubborn soft tissue dysfunction.

 Participants will learn the physiology of scar tissue, learning the stages of healing. Participants will also learn the different types of scars and their physiological and psychological effect(s) on the person. Then we will learn the different treatments that are used by many therapists to minimize if not totally rid the body of scar tissue. Body will include a demonstration of techniques used by massage therapist: Crossfiber friction, Myofascial Release, ART, STR, and IASTM to name a few.

Scar tissue can have a negative impact on bodies and has often been overlooked for the physiological and psychological effects scar tissue can have on a person.

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  • Presented by William F. Burton Jr., LMT, CMCE, HMS, MindBody Therapeutics
  • 8 CEs for LMTs
  • $180 per person; Registration & payment received one week prior to class start date
  • Late registration fee afterward, if space allows = $205