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Massage Therapy and Spa Services Testimonials

The testimonials below are from clients who enjoy our professional massage services.

Carrie was fantastic. Did a great job. I felt like a million bucks after the massage. Carrie is certainly a pro. I highly recommend her. I will certainly be back. – Morcos 1/22/21
Carrie was wonderful. I had an awesome relaxing experience and can’t wait to come back – Jackie 1/17/21
Asked if I was comfortable, is the pressure ok, just a great experience. Asked if I could take her home! Looking forward to another relaxing massage with Joan. I am so pleased. – Joyce 1/15/21
Carrie has wonderful hands and worked hard during my therapeutic massage. I’ve only had one session and my back feels so much better. Deep tissue massage loosened and relieved the pain in my back. Carrie was very knowledgeable and skillful. I already made another appointment for next week. The institute was very clean and compliant for covid. – Gema 12/18/20
Joan is wonderful and knowledgeable at what she does. I will definitely be back! – Vanessa 12/10/20
Jesse is very knowledgeable and skilled. He gave a very therapeutic massage with stretching and followed up with exercises to do at home. – Raquel 12/4/20
Jesse very professional, back definitely felt better when I left. Totally satisfied with experience and cleanliness during pandemic. – Maureen 11/15/20
“Very good! Love it here! So happy to have an affordable place to get great massages. I’m telling all my friends about it.

– Donna B. 6/11/19

“I have been a client here for many years and continue to enjoy the home atmosphere here. Mary has done an unbelievable job – this is her calling. Hats off to Mary!

– Patty C. 6/1/19

“The Body in Mind Institute is a very enjoyable place to go. The staff is very professional, and massages are great.

Avery D. 6/2/19

“I have never had a bad experience here. This place is comforting, calming and a great break from the calamity of my life. I already highly recommend this Institute and wellness center to everyone I know.

Derek G. 6/1/19

“Each time I am greeted with warmth and friendliness. The atmosphere is extremely relaxing and calming. I love coming and always feel very refreshed after my services.

– Andrea V. 6/2/19

“I came in today for my first massage ever and I wasn’t disappointed. My massage was great and has me thinking I should have gotten one a lot sooner. As someone who works out frequently, it’s probably an important part of recovery and I will most likely be back in the future.

– Michael B. 6/2/19

“I have been a client for several years and all my experience are always positive. Mary, staff and students are warm and friendly. The atmosphere is always welcoming.

– Maureen M. 6/1/19

“I have always had positive experiences at Body in Mind. I’ve come for both injuries and relaxation and I have never been disappointed. My massage today with Marco was no different. He was very professional and gave a great massage.

– Heather A. 6/2/19

“When you enter Body in Mind Massage Institute you are greeted by a sense of calm. The surroundings, the aroma and colors bring you to a serene feeling. I started coming to BIMMI for reflexology sessions to help with healing from foot surgery. The sessions have been amazing! My recovery time has improved significantly and continues as time goes on. The reflexology sessions were so wonderful that I now have full body massages. Major problem that were acute are well on their way to being under control. I highly recommend BIMMI and in particular Mary. Body in mind is a must for all who seek a natural path to well being.

Joanne B.
Massage Therapy Client

“In 6th grade I was diagnosed with a serious case of scoliosis with a double curvature. For the next few years we did everything we could to avoid surgery. The upper curvature was so server that my spine actually rested against my shoulder blade. My rib cage grew with deformity causing a hump on my back. Buy my sophomore year of high school I was undergoing my first of three spinal surgeries. The result was for fusion of all but my cervical spine pain. Over the next several years my muscles weakened. When I moved certain muscles, it felt like clause ripping down my back and lava flowing through me. Some days, the pain was blinding. My muscles not it so badly in some places, that you could actually see small lumps where they bunched up the beneath the skin. I end up in bed for days. It completely limited my ability to live my life. I couldn’t pick up my younger niece or nephew’s, carrying groceries from the car to the house was almost impossible. Even the pressure of having abrawl strap across my back was too much at times. I was so self-conscious of the back hump that I limited my wardrobe. I was even embarrassed to let my fiancé rub my back because it will feel like a bubble wrap popping under my skin. I never slept through the night. I would wake up so stiff and sore, utterly exhausted.

My doctor advised me that this was normal considering the severity of my condition in that unfortunately, this was probably going to be the best qualify of life I’d have. I spent months living on pain killers, muscle relaxers and other medications. He even tried fibromyalgia medications. Can you imagine receiving treatments for a condition you don’t even have because the medical staff is at a loss on how to help you? My doctor sent me again for physical therapy, but even my physical therapist seemed skeptical that I’d find relief. I remember the pitiful look on her face when she first palates my muscles and they all made me feel like a lost calls. I tried a few massage places and they help for a day or so, but even they seem loss at what they were feeling in my muscles. Most even told me they wouldn’t work in certain areas because they weren’t sure if it was safe. I came to the conclusion that my body had to trade me and I had to settle for what the way was. That’s when I found Body in Mind.

I have to say, the only thing Body and Mind cares more about that in their individual clients,is their community. My first encounter with them was at one of their many charity events, a Relay for Life event. I remember warning the therapist, Danielle, that my back was a mess. I remember her reaction that instance she laid her hands on my back. For the first time, someone wasn’t disturbed or shocked by what they felt, there was no pity for awful I must feel. In fact, she was excited. She saw a challenge, one she was sure she could beat. I was skeptical, but with that I had to lose?

The next few sessions were eye-opening. I didn’t just get a massage, I got an education. Daniel explain why my whole body reacts the way it does. She explained that the issue wasn’t just my muscles, but in my fascia. Before her, I do you know what a fascia was or why it mattered. Understanding how my muscles and fascia and the rest of my body worked together, I was able to determine what actions in movements caused any more issues and how to avoid them in my day-to-day life, such as simple posture changes. Just because my favorite sitting position feel comfortable while I was in it,she showed me how it was affecting me later. My massages were based solely on relaxation, but we concentrated on practice. She varied her techniques constantly so my body never got used to a repetitive treatment. We also worked on stretching. She was always honest about my treatments. She’d tell me when she thought I only needed a half hour as opposed to an hour as to not overwork my muscles or my wallet. She took the time to answer all my questions and made sure I understood my condition, but more importantly my own body.

Since going to Body in Mind, I have been able to resume physical activities that I have been done since before my surgery so I can run with the kids without needing three days of bed rest afterwards. The inflammation in my back has gone down so significantly, that the hump is barely visible to the untrained eye, which is definitely given me a confidence boost. I have a clearer understanding of my condition and how I can work on it every day on my own to improve it outside of my sessions. I can stand up straight and I can stand for longer periods of time without fatigue. I have more energy and I sleep through the night. Body and Mind has definitely given me back a qualify of life that I didn’t think I’d ever have, that was I told by the medical professionals that I wouldn’t have, and I quite honestly don’t know what I’d do without them at this point. And all the treatment options I’ve ever tried, Body in Mind is by far the best decision I’ve ever made!”

Stacy M.
Massage Therapy Client

“Great facility, great people! I always look forward to my next visit!”

Massage Therapy Client

“My therapist was professional and the massage was delightful!!”

Susan H.
Massage Therapy Client

“I’m impressed with the overall atmosphere of the entire place. Staff is wonderful!”

Michelle M.
Massage Therapy Client

“Spectacular technique and attention to healing, mindful execution of pure relaxation.”

Kevin S.
Massage Therapy Client

“Extensive technique, instant relief, expert execution, very professional and extensive experience.”

Kevin S.
Massage Therapy Client

“My life will never be the same. I am addicted. Monthly necessity.”

K.C. Clark from Toms River
Massage Therapy Client

“Best place to get a massage. Mary and her staff are wonderful. I’m hooked.”

Diane K.
Massage Therapy Client

“Nothing feels better than a massage at Body and Mind. The therapist listens to your concerns and adjusts her technique to fit what your body is yearning for. lt is an hour and a half of pure relaxation, peace, and tranquility.”

Chris S.
Massage Therapy Client


Testimonials from our Student Clinics

“Jen was very professional…Did an amazing job. I will definitely go again!”

Ron M.
Massage Therapy Client

“The environment of Body in Mind is truly unique. The friendly staff, warm therapists, and care for clients will keep us coming back!”

Hannah G.
Massage Therapy Client

“Student/Staff are professional and willing to go out of their way to make the client comfortable. Highly recommend to anyone who wants to start a new career.”

Fred W.
Massage Therapy Client

“Jennifer was great! She really took her time with the massage and the atmosphere was wonderful!”

Yami G.
Massage Therapy Client

“Another soothing relaxing massage experience. The quality of the training is apparent. The students are superior!”

Lynda R.
Massage Therapy Client

“Massage helps athletic Performance. I did a long bike ride prior to coming. I now feel like I could do another workout.”

Jim P.
Massage Therapy Client

“Kristina did a great job and hit the areas of concern. I felt relaxed and wonderful after my treatment.”

Sharon R.
Massage Therapy Client

“I cant believe Kiannah is just a student. She is being trained well! It was a great massage as I ever had.”

Kevin F.
Massage Therapy Client

Retail Product Reviews

“I just bought the most AWESOME natural deodorant at Body in Mind Massage Institute last week!! Lavender and Sage was my choice of scent. I finally found an all-natural, aluminum-free, propylene glycol-free, paraben-free, and phthalate-free deodorant! Thanks so much, Mary Henry Adams for the recommendation!! I will be picking up 5 more tomorrow for family and friends! Absolutely LOVE IT!!! Need another gallon of the vegan massage cream too! See you tomorrow!”

Lori K.